Superfood Hot Chocolate Oatmeal Mug – Vegan, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free

Feed Your Beauty

Your favorite winter beverage and winter breakfast collide in this yummy, chocolatey mug. Welcome to your new favorite cold weather breakfast!Superfood Hot Chocolate Oatmeal Mug - Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Gluten Free

Oh the weather outside is frightful, my dears. It’s only mid-December, and in my neck of the woods we’ve got a “feels like” reading of -4 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. Ouch. Literally. This is painfully cold weather. Why do I live in Michigan again? I’ve been asking myself that question my entire life. There’s something to be said for being tough enough to withstand year after year of brutal snow and cold.

Ok, to be honest I’m huddled under a blanket with three layers of clothing for most of the winter. Huddled under a blanket clutching a hot mug, usually. My warm beverage of choice? Hot chocolate, of course! And what better way to transform my favorite winter drink into a stick to your ribs breakfast than by adding…

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