Poisoning of dogs ordered in Donji Vakuf, Bosnia


15592551_10154339702341219_1779915915_nIn March of 2015 we published news of dogs poisoned in Donji Vakuf, Bosnia where strays were poisoned using a variety of methods including crushed glass being added to food, Demestos and other toxins. Many of the dogs killed had been sterilised in the local TNR campaignWe placed a call to action in our blog and on Facebook and asked you to email and fax the authorities in Donji Vakuf. Many of you did, and we learned that this had a positive result, with a reduction in these illegal, inhumane poisonings. However, we have just been informed that it’s starting up again, that a mass poisoning of strays is once again being organised. AGAIN WE NEED YOUR HELP TO STOP THIS! All details on who to contact, with draft letters to email are towards the end of this blog.

What is occurring in Donji Vakuf is a violation of the Animal Protection and Welfare…

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2 comments on “Poisoning of dogs ordered in Donji Vakuf, Bosnia

    • Getting the word out, signing the petitions and donate money. They don’t have shelters,the people are buying land and put fences up, trying to get them off the streets, but they don’t have much money for food, many times the poor dogs are living on bread and the veterinarians try to help Spay/Neuter, they don’t have a lot of money for supplies for medical care.

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