Chocolate dipped mandarin slices for Christmas

Cooking Without Limits

mandarin dipped in chocolate

With all the heavy foods on Christmas is nice to have an easy dessert. When I make my Raw vegan chocolate I always end up with chocolate left in the bowl. Instead of eating it from the bowl, this time I decide it to put it on some mandarins. I like this fruit – chocolate combination and is also very healthy.

You can use mandarin, clementine or orange for this recipe. If you want to be bold try it with lemon or lime. A banana is a must especially if you use peanut butter and chocolate. This is also an excellent snack and very healthy to eat between meals or after effort.

Your kids will fall in love with this snack. They will get plenty of Vitamin C and antioxidants for the day. You can substitute your granola bar or crackers or any other snack you usually eat with this…

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Superfood Hot Chocolate Oatmeal Mug – Vegan, Gluten Free, Refined Sugar Free

Feed Your Beauty

Your favorite winter beverage and winter breakfast collide in this yummy, chocolatey mug. Welcome to your new favorite cold weather breakfast!Superfood Hot Chocolate Oatmeal Mug - Vegan, Refined Sugar Free, Gluten Free

Oh the weather outside is frightful, my dears. It’s only mid-December, and in my neck of the woods we’ve got a “feels like” reading of -4 degrees Fahrenheit this morning. Ouch. Literally. This is painfully cold weather. Why do I live in Michigan again? I’ve been asking myself that question my entire life. There’s something to be said for being tough enough to withstand year after year of brutal snow and cold.

Ok, to be honest I’m huddled under a blanket with three layers of clothing for most of the winter. Huddled under a blanket clutching a hot mug, usually. My warm beverage of choice? Hot chocolate, of course! And what better way to transform my favorite winter drink into a stick to your ribs breakfast than by adding…

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12 Animal Activism Stories That Made Headlines in 2016

Striking at the Roots

Clearly, 2016 was a mixed bag. We had some exciting wins for the first 10 months or so, and things were looking good. Then, around November 9, there was an unmistakable pivot in the national mood. The world seemed a little darker.

As a sit down to reflect on the last 12 months of victories for animals, my feelings are tempered by the knowledge that 2017 could be a very different year not only for nonhuman animals, but for many vulnerable groups and the environment. Perhaps that makes this entry all the more poignant. I can’t say what the future holds, but I can recognize some of the stories in which animals won and animal activists have reason to celebrate. In that spirit, here are a dozen stories I loved, and I think you will, too.

1. SeaWorld agrees to end captive breeding of killer whales (March)

orca-and-calfThis is spectacular…

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Homemade plant-based milks in today’s Sunday Times

Lea Hogg

escape-homemade-dairy-free-milks-rice-milk-marconia-schembri Homemade rice milk.  Photo by Marconia Schembri during a live tv show.  Tunisian handmade sweets by Deyma Shop, Gzira

I spent the past few months exploring different options of homemade plant based milk and was surprised to discover that the whole process is very simple. It takes about 5 minutes as long as the main ingredient is soaked overnight in plenty of water. You do not need any fancy appliances and can…

Source Sunday Times: Homemade dairy-free goodies

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Tell These Football Teams to Punt SeaWorld From Their Schedules!

Three football teams are planning to visit SeaWorld this month—let them know why that would be a major fumble.

Source: Tell These Football Teams to Punt SeaWorld From Their Schedules!

Coming soon: the polar bear science books you’ve been requesting


It’s just past the first anniversary of the publication of my science-based novel, EATEN, so satisfied readers may be pleased to learn that I have a pair of polar bear science books set to be released.

Finally – books for adults and children that present the facts about polar bears without spin and fear-mongering about model-predicted futures: reference books that include the most up-to-date information that show polar bears have the innate ability to adapt quickly to changes in sea ice.

Barring major revisions, the covers will look like this:


One is a fully-referenced book for adults and high school kids called Polar Bears: Outstanding Survivors of Climate Change.

The other is a fabulous companion or stand-alone summary volume (ages 7 and up), called Polar Bear Facts and Myths: A Science Summary for all Ages..

Both books are full-color and relatively short. With luck, they should be available…

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Petition · Stop Deadly Dog Experiments! ·

Petition · Starbucks: Stop Torturing Chickens ·

Petition: Ugg: Stop Using Sheep to Make Your Boots!

Disturbing Photo Separates Fact From Fiction in the Relationship Between Humans and Sharks | One Green Planet

Disturbing Photo Separates Fact From Fiction in the Relationship Between Humans and Sharks

One Green Planet
December 15, 2016

We’ve all seen the movie Jaws and Deep Blue Sea – and who could forget the classic Sharknado franchise that took the world by storm in 2013. For nearly 50 years, we have been portraying sharks a the bloodthirsty villains of the sea. But as usual, reality is quite different from the fictions we see on T.V. – sharks are the victims and we are the villains in this story.

Oceana, an organization dedicated to studying our oceans and protecting them, recorded three fatalities from shark attacks between the years of 2006 and 2010. On the other hand, 100 million sharks are slaughtered by humans every year. Most fall prey to the shark fin trade. Once captured, the fins are cut off of these poor animals and their corpses are thrown away or used for chum. The fins are then sold to be cooked in soup – this sounds like the plot to a bad slasher film right?
This photo from Shawn Heinrichs, taken in a warehouse that stocks fins, shows the grave reality our fantasies hide.

And while we are killing millions of sharks for soup, the sharks that are left perform an essential role in the ocean’s delicate ecosystem. Sharks are apex predators and which means that they are indispensable to maintaining a balance in the marine populations around the world. Sharks are also essential to the carbon cycle – they feed on the animals that consume the carbon-storing vegetation on the ocean’s floor so without sharks, this vegetation will disappear and the oceans will be oversaturated with carbon. So sharks are helping us fight climate change as well.
Despite all of the incredible things sharks do, currently 200 out of the 400 shark species that inhabit our oceans are endangered. And we continue to slaughter millions of these incredible animals every year. It’s time we rethink our relationship with sharks otherwise we will go down in history as the villains.

Environmental Action Protect the Gulf – Stop the Dumping of Toxic Fracking Wastewater

petition: IUCN: Save Giraffes from Extinction!

Serbia: Christmas News and Pictures From Felix Shelter – Please Give A Donation If You Can Thank You.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)



“‘It’s impossible.” said pride.

“It’s risky.” said experience.

“It’s pointless.” said reason.

Give it a try.” whispered the heart.”



Please go to the following to donate:

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Thank you very much for thinking about us and helping us this Christmas;

all the cats (and dogs) at Shelter Felix xx.



All of the kitties in the shelter are safe and loved for life, but they do need help.

Sve mačke su azilu voljene su i bezbedne, ali treba im pomoć.
Felix – Felinološko društvo
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Felix – Felinolosko drustvo
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Samson is most probably a…

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Petition: Demand Stricter Animal Cruelty Laws and Punishments in Mississippi

Puppy love — holiday edition

Petition · I Pledge to Re-Use because Mermaids Hate Plastic ·

Photographs of Mermaids Trapped in Plastic Depict the Plight of Marine Animals | One Green Planet

Photographs of Mermaids Trapped in Plastic Depict the Plight of Marine Animals

One Green Planet
December 14, 2016

Every day as activists, we struggle to make our causes appealing to the masses. Saving puppies from the side of the road is heartwarming and rescuing a baby rhino from the poachers who murdered his mother is inspiring. While these impressive rescues are important, the little things we do in our daily lives can also have a huge impact on conservation efforts. Bringing your own water bottle to work or your own bag to the grocery store doesn’t sound as exciting as saving an elephant – but it should. Benjamin Von Wong, an artist focused on conservation issues, is making plastic pollution exciting with his newest series of photographs.

Von Wong was terrified when he learned there would be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050. So he started to wonder, “how do you get people to talk about something that is ordinary, ugly, and boring?” The answer he landed on? Mermaids … obviously. He organized dozens of volunteers to help him collect and delaminate more than 10,000 plastic bottles and started to create his surreal vision. Von Wong wanted to humanize the very real danger that marine life is put in by our thoughtless use of plastic products and what better way to do this than with half-fish people trapped in a sea of plastic bottles. He was as excited about the project as we are and told the

He organized dozens of volunteers to help him collect and delaminate more than 10,000 plastic bags and started to create his surreal vision. Von Wong wanted to humanize the very real danger marine life experiences as a result of our thoughtless use of plastic products – and what better way to do this than with half-fish people trapped in a sea of plastic bottles? He was as excited about the project as we are and told the CBC news, “How do you generate a conversation over stories people don’t want to talk about? I think art and beauty are the way to do that.” And these images are incredibly beautiful. So what should the conversation be?
Over the past 30 years, plastic production has increased by 620 percent but only 15 percent of these plastics are recycled.

A lot of these plastics make it into our waterways. We have put around 270 billion tons of plastic on the ocean’s surface alone.

And we add 8.8 million tons of plastic waste to that number every year.

Over 700 different species face extinction from to the hazards caused by plastic pollution: entanglement, ingestion, and toxicity.

Von Wong hopes that these images will inspire people to start cutting back on plastics in their day to day lives.

So share these images with your friends, start a conversation with a stranger, and learn how you can cut down on plastic waste in your own life below.

You can help the marine life treated by plastic waste by signing Von Wong’s petition to reduce the amount of plastic you consume. You can also join One Green Planet’s #CrushPlastic campaign where we outline easy ways that you can help to #Crushplastic and save our oceans. Here are a few to start you out.
Bring your own, reusable water bottle with you when you leave the house.
Always bring your own bag with you to the grocery store and if you forget, go with a paper bag.
Politely refuse plastic utensils and instead, bring your own from home

For more great tips check out the #CrushPlastic page here.

Image source: Benjamin Von Wong

Poisoning of dogs ordered in Donji Vakuf, Bosnia


15592551_10154339702341219_1779915915_nIn March of 2015 we published news of dogs poisoned in Donji Vakuf, Bosnia where strays were poisoned using a variety of methods including crushed glass being added to food, Demestos and other toxins. Many of the dogs killed had been sterilised in the local TNR campaignWe placed a call to action in our blog and on Facebook and asked you to email and fax the authorities in Donji Vakuf. Many of you did, and we learned that this had a positive result, with a reduction in these illegal, inhumane poisonings. However, we have just been informed that it’s starting up again, that a mass poisoning of strays is once again being organised. AGAIN WE NEED YOUR HELP TO STOP THIS! All details on who to contact, with draft letters to email are towards the end of this blog.

What is occurring in Donji Vakuf is a violation of the Animal Protection and Welfare…

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Thousand Of Snow Geese Die After landing In Toxic Montana Water

Nwo Report

Thousand Of Snow Geese Die After landing In Toxic Montana LakeSeveral thousand snow geese were burned and poisoned to death when they landed in a Montana lake filled with sulphuric acid and toxic heavy metals.

The migrating snow geese met their untimely deaths after a snowstorm forced the large flocks to take refuge in the acidic, metal-laden waters of an old open pit mine.

The water is as acidic as distilled vinegar and strong enough to liquefy the steel propeller of a motorboat, according to Natural News. The Berkeley Pit is a massive 700 acre crevice left behind from nearly 30 years of copper mining. It filled up with water 900 feet deep which then accumulated toxic levels of inorganic compounds including arsenic, cadmium, cobalt, copper, iron and zinc. The water is as acidic as distilled vinegar and strong enough to liquefy the steel propeller of a motorboat.

The Guardian reports:

Mark Thompson, environmental affairs manager for mine company Montana…

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16 Android tips and tricks you shouldn’t miss from 2016

Emilio Cogliani

Writing about mobile technology gives me the opportunity to think through some pretty fascinating stuff. Here in the world of Android, after all, things never stay still for long — and there’s always some new concept, interface, or idea just waiting to be digested and put into perspective.

My favorite part about this job, though, is finding new ways to make our mobile technology do more and work better. And over the course of the past year, I’ve come across some super-useful tips, tricks, and tools that have helped me get the most out of my own devices.

In case you missed any of ’em the first go-round or maybe just didn’t have the time to try everything out, here are some of my favorite Android tips and tricks from 2016. So pour yourself some cocoa, kick back by the fire, and give yourself the gift of finely tuned technology.


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1 billion Yahoo accounts have been stolen in the biggest hack ever — here’s what you should do

Nwo Report

marissa mayer yahoo ceo

One billion Yahoo accounts were stolen in 2013, the company announced on Wednesday, in the largest (known) hack of all time.

The incident is separate to the breach Yahoo disclosed back in September, which saw at least 500 million accounts compromised.

In other words, Yahoo got hacked twice — badly.

The company isn’t providing many details about the breach, because right now, it doesn’t know them. “The company has not been able to identify the intrusion associated with this theft,” it said in a statement.

The company has emailed its users informing them of the breach — and if you’re affected you’re probably asking yourself what you can do now.

There are two answers: Protect your logins on other services, and delete your account.

1. Protecting your logins

It can’t be said enough: You should use a strong, unique password for every website or service you…

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Liberal-Backing ACLU Sues Small Town into Submission Over Cross on top of Christmas Tree

Religious Liberty

Judge Jeanine Slams “Hopeless” Michelle: “Americans Rejected You And Everything You Stand For”