Obama Makes Huge Mistake, Accidentally Backs Up Trump 100% By Openly Admitting…

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Source: Elliot Bougis

Trivia Challenge: Do we hate them more than they hate each other?

No holds barred, anything goes, catch as catch can–that’s how the worst fights are.

Crazy Uncle Joe (Biden) recently complained that Trump ran the meanest and craziest political campaign he’d ever seen.

Well, guess what, Uncle Joe? You and your career-politician cronies have been living large for decades at the expense of us taxpayers and other deplorable bitter clingers.

Here’s the thing, though.

Tread on deplorable necks long enough, and they start to exhibit the same predictable behavior. They start to get mean, and they start to act crazy. And then they start to band together. They start looking for the same solutions. They become a movement-in-hiding–a silent majority.

And then someone like Donald Trump appears.

He doesn’t like to be tread on. He acts a bit crazy. He says deplorable things. He fights to…

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