#AceProductNews – REPORT: Cuisinart food processor blades recalled because they can break and leave small pieces of sharp metal in your food – @AceNewsServices

#AceProductNews – REPORT: Yankee Candle products recalled due to glass cracking when lit – @AceNewsServices

Nature is being murdered. #auspol


By Dr. Glen Barry

Miraculous nature is being murdered. Everywhere we look inequitable over-consumption is devastating the natural ecosystems that sustain a living Earth. Together we yield to ecological truth – personally embracing a global ecology ethic, and demanding others do so as well – or we all needlessly die at each others’ throats as the global ecological system collapses and being ends.

Gaia’s ecosystem organs – old-growth forests, natural waterways, bountiful oceans, vibrant soils – will be restored and maintained at all costs as global ecological reserves to power the biosphere and maintain a living and livable Earth. — Dr. Glen Barry
The Signs
Everywhere you look humans are destroying nature. We are eating the ecosystems that sustain us, crapping in our own habitat, calling it development as we destroy our one shared biosphere.
Look outside your window. Chances are that the “nature” you see – some degraded secondary…

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Denounce Lax Punishment for Lab Where 38 Monkeys Died

A research lab has been handed down a slap on the wrist for the deaths of 38 monkeys in only five years. Demand that animal cruelty in research labs is taken more seriously in order to more effectively deter animal welfare violations.

Source: Denounce Lax Punishment for Lab Where 38 Monkeys Died

Justice for Dogs Found in Breeding Mill in Deplorable Conditions


Over a dozen Labradoodles and six children were reportedly found living in a home used as a breeding mill. Investigators said the residence and dogs were covered in feces. Please sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent children and Labradoodles.

Source: Justice for Dogs Found in Breeding Mill in Deplorable Conditions

Justice for Animals Allegedly Decapitated and Frozen to Death

Animals were reportedly frozen to death and decapitated by lab researchers at a university in Europe. An undercover investigator says the animals had to endure severe pain and agony. Demand the university’s testing license be suspended, if guilty of these actions.

Source: Justice for Animals Allegedly Decapitated and Frozen to Death

Petition:Owls Are Forcefully Constrained And Immobilized At “Interactive” Cafe In Japan – World Animal News