Monsanto Is Being Sued By Missouri’s Largest Peach Grower

We Won Michigan, AGAIN

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We've Done It!Source: Alex Cooper

We can finally put an end to the hysteria Jill Stein has helped to create with her “fundraiser” (more like “self”-raiser).

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette sent out a message across social media, letting Americans know that the recount is done:

Have any liberal friends on Facebook? Share this and let’s Make America Great Again as Trump surges forward with a resounding victory.

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Returning Home

Living With Insects Blog

Carpenter Bee Male Carpenter Bee Landing on a Flower

Biologists have long been impressed by the navigation ability of bees and other Hymenoptera. In 1882, Fabre wrote about an experiment with bees and solitary wasps. He caught insects near their nests and carried them in containers to locations, some up to several kilometers distant. Surprisingly, many were able to return to their nest. This was true even if the insects were placed in dark containers and transported by circuitous routes, or tumbled within the containers, all designed to disrupt navigational cues such as compass direction, polarized light and path integration.

How did the insects find their way home? The ability to return to the nest requires that the insects have a “knowledge” of the “district”, a set of visual memories that inform the insect of their position relative to the nest. Once a visual image is acquired that matches a spatial memory…

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Urge Online Retailer Fab to Stop Selling Angora Wool

Urge online retailer Fab to stop selling cruelly produced angora wool!

Source: Urge Online Retailer Fab to Stop Selling Angora Wool

Urge Texas A&M University to Close Dog Laboratories


Urge Texas A&M University to close their dog laboratories, stop breeding MD dogs, and release all dogs for adoption into good homes.

Source: Urge Texas A&M University to Close Dog Laboratories

Lung Cancer Higher in Slaughterhouse Workers | VegNews

Life or Lunch?

Nobel Prize winner finds that long-term exposure to meat pathogens increases risk of rare forms of lung cancer.

New research presented this week at the World Conference on Lung Cancer in Austria by keynote speaker Harald Zur Hausen, MD found that exposure to and consumption of meat increases the risk of contracting lung cancer. Dr. Hausen—a Nobel Prize recipient for his work in connecting the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) with increased cancer risk—is currently researching the causes of lung cancer in patients who do not smoke, to determine the links between cancer and other factors such as diet. His findings indicate that slaughterhouse workers, butchers, and others exposed to animal carcasses, inhale oncogenic viruses—or viruses that can lead to cancer cell formation. Additionally, he found that consuming pathogens through animal products—including bovine milk—can also prove carcinogenic for humans. For context, Dr. Hausen focused on India, where smoking is prevalent but…

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Tell the Environmental Protection Agency: Retract your draft report claiming fracking is safe. | CREDO Action

Help us, Help them

Wild Horse Education

Video: One month on the road for wild horses, winter 2016

Just like every nonprofit in the world this time of year can make or break efforts, for the next year and a long time to come. End of the year fundraising is a necessary part of the work WHE must do in order to stay in this fight to protect our wild horses from abuse, slaughter and to keep them free on the range.

WHE runs a rough road to learn, educate and advocate fro the range up. People change truths to forward agenda, the wild horses always tell us what we need to know to advocate for a better world for them. We run that road.

WHE spends very little time on any social scene. We hold no fancy parties, attend no fancy galas. Time is precious as this fight to protect and preserve our amazing wild horses…

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Former Immigration Officer: Many Illegals Can Vote with Fake Documents

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Vote Here Vote Aqui

Source: Katie McHugh

A former immigration officer says many illegal aliens can vote in national elections, in part because they can easily buy fake identification documents.

“I probably arrested more than a thousand illegal aliens in my career,” retired ICE Special-Agent-In-Charge Claude Arnold said during an interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly. “I routinely encounter people in possession of voter registration cards… I would ask them, ‘Do you or have you voted?’ And often, I would get the answer, yes,” he said, adding that about 100 illegals told him that they had voted.

Illegals can vote because they can get realistic fake documents, he said.

“The demand is so great for counterfeit documents because the illegal alien population wants to work—that’s the majority of their motivation for wanting to come to this country,” he said. “So there’s a huge demand for those documents that are required to pass the employment eligibility…

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Tell congress to stop the attacks on the Endangered Species Act: please take action for wolves

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

In congress several lawmakers are working on legislation to delist wolves in Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota & Wyoming. This legislation by Senator Ron Johnson (D-WI)calls for delisting of wolves.

A brief Historyon wolf delisting.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service removed federal protections for gray wolves in 2012 and turned over state management. Shortly after the 2012 delisting these states rushed to create legislation that allowed for hunting of gray wolves. Wisconsin became the only state that allowed the barbaric use of dogs to hunt wolves; Wisconsin quite literally throws dogs to wolves.SourceWyoming called for shooting wolves on sight. Minnesota allowed for the use of inhumane snare traps on wolves. In Michigan the legislature tried to go against the public referendum that voted no against a wolf hunt.

Humane Society of the United States(HSUS) in 2012 filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to…

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Scientists discover bees of the sea

4 Personal Safety Apps For Your Smartphone

Have you ever used personal safety apps? Here are a few personal safety apps that you can use on your smartphone to protect yourself.

Source: 4 Personal Safety Apps For Your Smartphone