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Anonymous: “Soros Has Just Funded Jill Stein To Call For Legal Vote Recount In Election Reversal”

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Hacking Group "Anonymous" Has Issued A CHILLING AnnouncementSource: Alex Cooper

Something seriously bad is happening right now and it’s about to shift the face of democracy in the free world.

George Soros is well known by now for his donations to BLM and other extreme leftist groups, not to mention the millions he’s given Hillary.

Things just went to code red though, because Jill Stein has just initiated a campaign to demand a recount of the vote.

What is about to happen could possibly cause a civil war. Anonymous, the infamous group responsible for hacking multiple high-level officials and agencies, just made a grave announcement:

“It’s over, folks.

They are absolutely taking this from Trump. If you were able to see these stories they already have prepared for us to start running next week, your jaw would hit the ground.

They are going to “find” that the results were indeed “hacked”. They have everything set in place…

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Hillary uses Jill Stein to steal election via vote recounts in battleground states

Clintons Confirm Participation In Recount Plan, Despite No “Actionable Evidence Of Hacking”

Jill Stein Raises Enough Money To Force Wisconsin Recount – Michigan & Pennsylvania Up Next

Jill Stein Advocate Slams Recount Decision: “Shameful Support For War Goddess Hillary”

Dakota Protests: ‘People Are Going to Die’: Father of Wounded DAPL Activist Sophia Wilansky Speaks Out

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wayne-wilansky-democracy-nowCommon Dreams

Sunday’s brutal police assault against peaceful Dakota Access Pipeline activists left one water protector, Sophia Wilansky, at risk of losing an arm, and her distraught father spoke out Tuesday and Wednesday against the shocking show of force and demanded government action.

Wayne Wilansky, a 61-year-old lawyer and yoga teacher from New York City, spoke to a reporter in a Facebook live feed about his daughter’s devastating injury, allegedly caused by a concussion grenade.

“This is the wound of someone who’s a warrior, who was sent to fight in a war,” Wayne said. “It’s not supposed to be a war. She’s peacefully trying to get people to not destroy the water supply. And they’re trying to kill her.”

Most of the muscle tissue between Sophia’s left elbow and wrist as well as two major arteries were completely destroyed, Wayne said, and doctors pulled shrapnel out of the wound.

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North Dakota Governor Suspends Sheriff At Standing Rock Pending Criminal Charges

Black Friday Marked By Brawls & Fatal shootings In US

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Black Friday Marked By Brawls & Fatal shootings In USAt least two people were killed in shootings at three different malls across the US on the the biggest shopping day of the year ‘Black Friday’.


Some American shoppers were seen brawling as they tried to lay their hands on the best sale bargains, while in the UK shoppers seemed to be a far more relaxed approach.

RT reports:

Three suspects have been arrested after a shooting at the Wolfchase Galleria mall in Memphis, Tennessee, police said. Multiple vehicles were hit by gunfire, and one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Witnesses told WHBQ-TV that “at least 40 shots were fired.”

A 33-year-old man was shot and killed in a dispute over a parking spot outside a Walmart in Reno, Nevada, on Thursday evening, local police said…

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Is your bank funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Here’s how to find a new bank. | Grist

Is your bank funding the Dakota Access Pipeline? Here’s how to find a new bank.
By Ask Umbra® 
Q. Dear Umbra,

I’ve been looking to switch banks for some time and the recent events in North Dakota have made my desire to fire Bank of America all the more urgent. I’m having a hard time finding information about banking institutions that are financially supportive of environmentally sustainable and socially responsible projects — or even banks that aren’t bankrolling dirty energy projects. For someone who is interested in changing banks, but who still needs some of the perks a big bank can offer, what are the best options?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A. Dearest Meredith,

When it comes to banks, we tend to pay the most attention to the stuff that directly affects us: interest rates, overdraft fees, whether or not our local branch gives away free lollipops (or is that just me?). It’s easy to overlook the fact that banks do a lot more than just babysit our hard-earned dollars. They also get their fingers in all kinds of investments and deals, including those that support energy projects such as the Dakota Access Pipeline — a 1,172-mile pipeline that would carry oil from North Dakota across four states, and carry a whole lotta polluting and racist baggage too. This controversial project would not be possible without cash from a number of big banks.

So welcome to the latest episode of Big Banks Behaving Badly! You’re right that Bank of America is one of the institutions funding the company that’s building the Dakota Access Pipeline — along with dozens of other banks, including Citibank, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan Chase. Environmentalists are targeting those banks and calling on them to halt the funding, and one Norwegian bank is now considering pulling out of the project.

You’re also right that plenty of the biggies support other fossil fuel development projects, from coal mining to deep-water oil drilling. This 2016 report card from the Rainforest Action Network grades the major banks on exactly this, and finds that many of them — including Bank of America — deserve to be sent to summer school.

So if we want our banks to better represent our green values, we know who not to patronize. But who is worthy of handling our stacks? Here are a few options:

Big banks that support renewable energy
The megabanks aren’t exclusively funding fossil fuels; many are also backing solar and wind power projects. Bloomberg has checked into which institutions have been supporting renewables and cutting their own carbon emissions. European banks are leading the way, but JPMorgan Chase cracked the top 10 in 2014. Still, even as Chase and other banks put money into renewables, they continue to show up as bad actors on RAN’s fossil-fuel report card. If money talks, these banks are talking out of both sides of their mouths — so read on for alternatives.

Credit unions
I’m a huge fan of credit unions: They’re nonprofits, they usually offer excellent interest rates and low fees, and they invest in local projects rather than dirty international dealings. I’m not sure what perks you’re looking for, Meredith, but credit unions offer plenty of services just like the Wall Street outfits do — so I encourage you to check out what’s available in your area.

Community development banks
You say “socially responsible projects,” I think “community development bank.” These institutions (which can also be credit unions) might not focus specifically on eco-friendly investments, but they do make a point of serving the financially underserved: local people, institutions, businesses, and nonprofits that might not qualify for loans elsewhere. These aren’t available everywhere (though I did find one in Philly); search here to see if there are options near you.

Best of luck in your quest for a new home for your money! Switching banks takes a little bit of logistical wrangling, but it’s well worth the, er, investment (here are tips and step-by-step directions). And make sure to tell your current institution exactly why you’re bailing. How will things ever get better if the big guys don’t know what they’re doing wrong?

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How You Can Help North Dakota Water Protectors Brutalized by Police | Global Justice Ecology Project


Areva wants US Taxpayers Held Liable for Nuclear Accidents-Defective Nuclear Parts; Areva Gets Multimillion $ Contract for Equipment at Extra High Risk US Nuclear Power Station Despite Ongoing Areva Nuclear Parts Scandal

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Even as French government owned Areva’s defective nuclear parts scandal was already underway, Areva sent a comment to the US government saying that holding it and other nuclear equipment suppliers liable in the event of a nuclear accident was “unnecessary economic penalties” and that the US taxpayer should pay.

And, of course, Areva would think that since Areva’s only still in existence because it is almost totally owned by the French government, i.e. French taxpayer. Even though a worldwide inspection of potentially defective Areva nuclear equipment is about to get underway, Areva was given a multimillion dollar contract for equipment at what is arguably one of the world’s most dangerous nuclear power stations – located in a desert with no direct source of water and the most powerful in America.
What is Areva complaining about like a whining gros bébé – big nuclear baby?
Section 934 of the Energy…

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Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling

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By DemocracyNow.org:

link: http://youtu.be/EAD6rdD_qXk
Father of Activist Injured at Standing Rock Calls on Obama to Stop Dakota Access Pipeline Drilling NOVEMBER 23, 2016
We get an update from Wayne Wilansky, the father of 21-year-old activist Sophia Wilansky, who was injured during the standoff at Standing Rock in North Dakota. Sophia has been undergoing a series of surgeries after reportedly being hit by a concussion grenade during the police attack against water protectors protesting the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota Sunday night. The Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council says 300 people were hurt in the attack, with injuries including hypothermia from being sprayed by water cannons in subfreezing temperatures, seizures, loss of consciousness, and impaired vision as a result of being shot by a rubber bullet in the face. “President Obama has to step in there and stop this,” says Wayne Wilansky. “They’re drilling now, even though they…

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