An Important Post-Election Message About Media Polling…

Congratulations to everyone who stood up when no-one gave us a chance. You did it, and I am proud to stand beside each and every person who joined the movement to Make America Great Again. Forgive …

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MOSCOW: Vladimir Putin sends Donald Trump a telegram of congratulation on winning the US presidential election, and says it’s not our fault that geopolitical relations are at an all time low and expressed his hope to work together’; wishes Trump success – statement – @AceNewsServices

CHINA: #Trump win makes one wholesale manufacturer happy as he handles a huge portion of the world’s flag orders and made #Trump flags as he knew he would win – @AceNewServices

VA Gov gives 60,000 felons the vote, Hillary wins state by 60,000…

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GOP decries irregularities that favor Dems in key tight races

Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia, is a longtime ally of the Clintons.

With the race in Virginia flipping red to blue and back before the eyes of CNN viewers, reports are trickling out that the state’s late close for Hillary Clinton in one of her key “firewall” states was helped by her old friend, the state’s governor Terry McAuliffe.

According to a report in the World Tribune, Gov. McAuliffe “used an autopen to sign thousands of letters granting voting rights to felons, enough to put the swing state in Hillary Clinton’s column.” Governor McAuliffe is a longtime Clinton ally, having served as chairman of both President Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign, and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign. The report, which first appeared in the Daily Caller, says that “those who received McAuliffe’s letter also got voter registration forms with pre-paid return postage. No others in Virginia received such a service.”

If the race ends as…

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These Are The Celebrities Who Vowed To Leave America If Trump Wins

What does the election of Trump mean to America’s Horses

Tuesday's Horse

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What does the it mean for America’s horses that Donald Trump was elected President?

What will change? What will not change?

In order to get anything done in Washington DC, Americans first of all need to take their country back from corporate control or at least establish some sort of footing wherein they can at least dialog with it.

Until that happens Washington DC for the most part is not where horse advocates can look for much help or improvement in the lives of America’s horses.

Horse advocates are in a stronger position to do some good at the State level.

That does not mean we vacate Washington DC. Far from it. Horse advocates must remain vigilant at the federal level.

President-Elect Trump appointed New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to chair his presidential transition team.

However the Washington Post reports that, “Trump ‘has assembled a…

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