Tell US NRC to Keep Monitoring-Investigating Nuclear Workers for Drugs and Alcohol – Deadline Friday 4th Nov 11.59 ET

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Tell the US NRC by November 4th 11.59 pm ET that they need to keep monitoring and investigating nuclear workers for drug and alcohol and not leave it to the utilities-fuel fabrication companies, as they seem to want to do. Comment here: It’s quick and easy and can be anonymous.

In 2013 the US NRC blogged: “Watching over a nuclear reactor’s controls or supervising nuclear power plant maintenance are jobs that need a person’s full attention. Nuclear plant workers can’t perform properly if they’re … under the influence of drugs or alcohol. For those reasons, the NRC has strict “fitness for duty” requirements so companies can spot impaired workers and keep them out of the plant./ Human factors were in the spotlight after the Three Mile Island accident in 1979. Afterward, we closely examined how human behavior affects nuclear plant safety. In 1989 the agency issued the…

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