Boots Stanley Abuses Again

Boost Stanley sitting on down horse

October 5, 2016

Bastrop, Louisiana – New photos of Boots Stanley, son of Greg Stanley, who owns and operated Bootstrap Louisiana Kill Pen, have been released that continue to show his tendencies towards animal abuse. The photos are enraging people around the world, who are demanding his bail be revoked and he be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Stanley, and friend Steven Sadler, were arrested after posting a video of themselves torturing a pit bull and then slitting it’s throat and watching it bleed to death. They were released on bail and entered a plea of “Not Guilty” on September 20.

One of the new photos show Stanley sitting on a horse that is laying down, holding a large stick, that one can infer he used to beat the horse with. The horse in the photo appears motionless, and many believe it may be dead or unconscious.

The other photo shows Stanley holding up his blood covered hand, with blood splattered across his face and shirt, grinning like it’s the best thing that has happened to him.

Two members of the Stanley family have been arrested and charged with battery since the original dog killing video was released for assaulting local resident 65 year old Allen Payne. Payne drove past the Bootstrap Kill Pen to find out more about the dog that was killed. As he was parked on the road, Boots Stanley’s father, Greg Stanley, and cousin Michael Stanley, assaulted him, hitting him with a board and fists through his car windows.

  Andrew Payne after assault by Stanely family

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