Clydesdale Photobombs Officers

September 25, 2016
Norristown, Pennsylvania – At a 9/11 Memorial Heroes Run, a Clydesdale photobombed a group of officers posing for a photo. Kim Supko, of Kim Supko Photography, captured the hilarious moment on camera. The 9/11 Memorial Run was dedicated to never forgetting those who suffered loss and tragedy on 9/11 and the wars since then combating terrorism around the globe.

I was taking photos at the 9/11 Heroes Run on September 11th in Norristown, PA organized by Montgomery County Hero Fund and Sean Cullen. Days later as I was editing over 500 pictures I got to this group of local Police Officers from local townships and our Sheriff’s Department and could not believe my eyes as I looked closer. Best part is the officer 2nd in from the right is a very good friend of my family. I am astounded by the thousands of shares this photos has had and so happy to make others smile by sharing. Make it a great day!

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2 comments on “Clydesdale Photobombs Officers

    • There were two different photographers, Kim took the close-up when the horse photobomb the shot, not a perfect shot but a funny keeper… welcome to the world of photography, where anything can happen.
      Glad it made your day. 🙂


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