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CITES: Save African Elephants
by Animal Welfare Institute · 13,036 supporters
Petition update
One Week Left!
Animal Welfare Institute

Sep 16, 2016 — Thank you so much to all of you who have shown your support for African elephants. We will be gathering all of the signatures to provide to the member countries of CITES on September 23, so we have one week left to get as many additional signatures as possible.

Please join us and share this petition with your family and friends asking them to sign and share it as well.

Almost 100 #elephants a day slaughtered for #ivory, sign & share to #SaveAfricanElephants


5,000 Signatures and Still Growing!
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13,036 supporters
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CITES: Save African Elephants
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Congressmen Ruiz, Grijalva Request Oversight Hearing to Discuss Tribal Consultation for Dakota Access Pipeline-Not an Isolated Incident

Mining Awareness +

As these Congressmen point out, Dakota Access Pipeline is not the first nor only consultation failure. For instance, the US Atomic Licensing Board (ASLB) has pointed to NEPA-consultation failures by the US NRC for Powertech (now Azarga’s) Dewey Burdock uranium mining project, and for Cameco’s Crow Butte uranium mining expansion project. Both are Canadian mining companies. (The Ruiz-Grijalva statement appears below our commentary and the pictures.)

The USA needs to get a grip and either respect and take care of the environment of this stolen land, and treat the American Indians with respect, or give the land back to its rightful American Indian owners and petition to return to Europe and other places of origin.

And, the rest of the world needs to cease and desist dumping its surplus population and its radioactive garbage upon American shores. Canadian mining companies should go home now!

And, in fact, foreign radioactive waste…

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