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Dog Whose Throat Was Slit After Being Tortured Deserves Justice


A dog’s throat was slit after being tortured and repeatedly stabbed. A video of the savage killing shows the dog being tied by the neck to a horse’s back, then brutally killed. Please sign this petition to bring the dog justice and demand that the accused killers are vigorously prosecuted.

Source: Dog Whose Throat Was Slit After Being Tortured Deserves Justice

Petition: Demand that Baylor football player Ishmael Zamora be kicked off the football team for beating an innocent dog

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3 Rescued Dogs Who Saved Their Family Members’ Lives This Year | Care2 Causes

Watch these three videos and then go hug your dog…🐕

Louisiana Is Running Out Of Places For Rescued Animals To Go

By Christian Cotroneo
Aug. 24, 2016

When an animal rescue team came across a couple of horses tied, abandoned and wilting under the hot Louisiana sun, it must have seemed like a triumph.

They had gotten to the horses, left behind in the scramble to flee parts of the flood-wracked state, just in time.

But it didn’t take long for members of Guardians of Rescue to realize that finding these forlorn animals was only the beginning.

Where do they take them? Which shelter or sanctuary — already crammed beyond capacity — had room for a couple of horses?

Much like the Louisiana flood itself, it’s easy to chalk up the heroics in the first few days of America’s worst disaster since Hurricane Sandy as a victory. And move on. Many of the people who put their lives in danger to save thousands of animals did just that.

Humane Society of Louisiana

From his vantage on the sopping ground of the the Baton Rouge area, Robert Misseri has seen the rescue effort recede along with the high waters.

And it couldn’t come at a worse time.

“Now that the floods have receded, the aftermath is 10 times worse,” Misseri, who founded Guardians of Rescue in 2010, tells The Dodo. “It is total insanity.”

Instead, despite rescuing countless abandoned animals, Misseri’s team is being met, time and time again, by the same sad chorus at animal shelters: No more room.

Robert Misseri’s team arrived in the aftermath of the Louisiana floods.
Guardians of Rescue

The group did manage to find a temporary home for the pair of dehydrated horses. But as more and more animals appear — Misseri says many terrified pets are only emerging from hiding now — the problem of housing them becomes increasingly dire.

Especially since many animal shelters in the region were destroyed in the deluge.

St. Tammany Humane Society

“A challenge we are dealing with is that all of these animal shelters are full,” Misseri explains. “We are out in the field trying to get animals and there are no place to put them.

“We picked up twenty something animals yesterday, but there is no place to go.”

Guardians of Rescue
Of course, it would help if more owners stepped forward to claim their pets. But Misseri says the disaster hasn’t yet reached that point.

In fact, he sees the overall rescue in several distinct phases. The first was the immediate response to fast-rising waters, which involved “anybody who could get animals to high ground or break them off of chains.”

Then came the water rescue, which saw people patrolling neighborhoods that had suddenly turned into canals looking for animals in the water or clinging to debris.

The next phase, where Misseri says the effort is at now, is crucial. The floodwaters have receded, revealing the full extent of the catastrophe — and the toll it’s taken not only on the people who lived in these neighborhoods, but also their pets.

Parishes in the Baton Rouge area appear like ghost towns, abandoned by humans but still, in many cases, home to dogs who had been left chained on dry islands. Or on rooftops.

All of them need immediate help.

 Humane Society of Louisiana
“We knew the aftermath was going to be complicated and many animals would be languishing,” Misseri says. “People don’t realize this. They think, OK, whatever is saved was saved in the flood. Whatever dies, dies.’

“But there are animals that need to be rescued this second. People forget about that.”

And even when you find animals, where do you take them?

Although Misseri says every available space is spoken for, his group is still finding tentative homes for them. But the waves of four-legged refugees shows no sign of abating.

Denham Springs Animal Shelter
“This is when you see dogs coming out of hiding and from the high points. It is way worse than it was,” Misseri says. “If they are left, these animals will suffer and die.”

And the people who are still spending every sleepless moment saving animals in Louisiana are not about to let that happen. But they will need another kind of hero.

Think that could be you? Consider making a donation of supplies or money to Guardians of Rescue through its Louisiana Rescue page. And if you know of any animal in the Baton Rouge area who needs to be rescued, contact the group at or call 888-287-3864.
Heroes Are Saving Thousands Of Animals In The Louisiana Floods
People Are Risking Their Lives To Save Animals From Louisiana Floods
Christian Cotroneo

The Cats of Cuba Need You – Network for Animals


Petition · Minister Lee Dong-Phil: Support and Pass the new Animal Protection Law in South Korea! ·




Please watch these important videos and sign the petition!


Petition: End Cruel Trapping on Wildlife Refuges

Petition · Morehouse District Attorney : Justice For ‘Justice’: Slaughtered Dog At Bastrop Kill Pen. ASK DA FOR MAX FELONY SENTENCE ·

Petition · Chris Christie: Stop the New Jersey Bear Hunt ·

How Unwanted Fur Garments Are Helping Orphaned Animals | Care2 Causes

While animal advocates continue to speak out against the cruelty involved in the fur industry, some are also putting old garments to use and helping comfort orphaned wildlife.
Through its Fur for the Animals campaign, Born Free USA is one of the organizations that has been collecting donations of unwanted fur items, which it sends to wildlife rehabilitators around the country. Some arrive with price tags still attached, others with notes from people who have had a change of heart, or want to do something good with unwanted items they’ve inherited.

This week, the organization shared a story about a donation that was originally believed to be a lynx coat, but was later determined by a furrier to have been made from an estimated 20 arctic foxes from a Finnish fur farm and dyed to look like lynx.
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That coat was sent to Fund for Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, Calif., where it’s now being used to provide comfort for 28 coyote pups who were orphaned as a result of conflicts with us.

“This coat, which needlessly killed so many animals, will now help many more on their journey to recovery and rerelease into the wild. While we are grateful for the opportunity to give a better ending to this tragic story, we continue to hope for a future in which fur is never taken from its original owner, and wildlife conflicts are resolved in a humane manner that doesn’t result in overwhelming numbers of vulnerable, orphaned wildlife,” said Ali Crumpacker, Director of The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center.

According to Born Free, in the last year alone, fur donations to the center have helped 54 skunks, 141 Virginia opossums, 38 coyotes, four bobcats, five bears, one gray fox, one mountain lion and dozens of others in need.

Fur items have also helped a variety of other animals at numerous other centers around the country.

It’s a tragedy that the lives of millions of furbearing animals continue to be taken by this inhumane and entirely pointless industry for nothing more than human vanity. Whether animals are trapped in the wild, or raised and killed on fur farms, multiple investigations around the world have exposed the horrors inherent in this industry, and while there are many faux options now available, they continue to send the message that fur is trendy and have caused a lot of problems with mislabeled items.

“Fur only comes from tortuous death,” Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA, added in a statement. “The methods fur farms use to kill their victims are unspeakably cruel. Now, this coat that came from so much cruelty will be used to comfort coyote pups who, once rehabilitated, will potentially get the chance to live full lives in the wild. While the symmetry and symbolism is not lost on us, it would be far better if these foxes never had to die for fashion in the first place.”

For more info on how to help support Born Free’s campaign, check out Fur for the Animals. You can also find a number of stores that have formally pledged not to sell fur at Fur Free Retailer.

Grand Canyon: Permits for Energy Fuels Uranium Mines Must Be Rejected by Arizona – Aug 29, 30 Hearings and Comment Deadline

Mining Awareness +

Grand Canyon NPS
Grand Canyon US National Park Service
By the Sierra Club:
State of Arizona Asked to Reject Permit Renewals for Uranium Mines Near Grand Canyon National Park August 16, 2016

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz.— Conservation groups today asked the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) to deny air permits for three uranium mines near Grand Canyon and to continue monitoring a mine that is no longer active. All of these mines are located within watersheds (surface and ground) that drain directly into Grand Canyon National Park and threaten water, air and other important resources of the greater Grand Canyon ecoregion, including soil, wildlife, sacred Native American sites and the health of people who are exposed to the heavy metals and radiation associated with these mines.

Grand Canyon Trust, Sierra Club and the Center for Biological Diversity filed comments [1] with ADEQ outlining ongoing concerns with the four uranium mines. The…

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Petition · Release Shadow to a Sanctuary


Shadow a male black leopard arrive at Peninsula SPCA in Newport News Virginia in 1999 when he was only three weeks old and they kept him as a permanent resident for a makeshift petting zoo in a concrete cage.  Charging a dollar to pet him.

Video shows Baylor football player abusing dog

A video exclusively obtained by News Channel 25 shows yet another ugly side to Baylor University football.

Source: Video shows Baylor football player abusing dog