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Endangered Species Face 12-Year Wait to be Listed

Christopher J. Gervais

14984590668_c8a9f2e44a_oA new study in journal Biological Conservation uncovered that the average time it takes a species to be officially classified as endangered is 12 years, six times longer than scientists say it should be to promote the health and survival of these species.

When Congress first passed the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in 1973, the process for a species to be added to the “endangered” list entailed being labelled as endangered or threatened by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. In 1982 Congress added an amendment laying out an entire two-year timeline for the process, from a petition submission in favor of the species being added to a final rule being created in the Federal Register.

However, the reality is a bit more complex. “While the law lays out a process time of two years for a species to be listed, what we found is that, in practice, it takes…

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Hillary And Kaine’s White Minority Plan, “Whites Need To Learn Their Lesson”

Nwo Report

Kaine Refusing To Listen To White People After His Remarks

Kaine Refusing To Listen To White People After His Remarks

Martin Walsh

Over the course of many years, Democrats have been secretly using identity politics to manipulate the American public into thinking that we should accept open borders, violent religions, and tolerate groups like Black Lives Matter.

Democrats have used this manipulative effort to deceive the American people for many years and now millions of voters are blindly convinced that conservatives are nothing more racist demagogues. The entire idea behind that is extremely ignorant, but it is the platform Democrats are pushing.

Liberals spend all of their time trying to tell everyone that conservatives are waging a war on blacks, Hispanics, women, and illegal immigrants when it is the Left that places everyone in pigeon holes. Liberals are the ones that aggressively use harmful identity politics to rally support, when in all actuality, they haven’t made life better for any…

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