Lady-Color Now Approved for Lady-Hunters, Thank God | Grist

One small step for big-game sport, one big step for feminism: Hunters can now wear pink!
New York has joined Wisconsin and Colorado in adding hot pink as a designated hunting gear color, alongside the standard “blaze orange,” to attract more women to the sport.

Assemblywoman Eileen Gunther noted to The New York Times that by making hunting gear the color that all women biologically — and that’s a fact — prefer, they will attract “the next generation into the great outdoors.”

Sure? Many hunters are outspoken conservationists, because you can’t skin a deer if the deer have succumbed to the death knell of warmer climes and deforestation. But of all the ways to get young women interested in the great outdoors, hunting is one of the more niche. After all, there are myriad woman-friendly nature appreciation activities that don’t require disemboweling a large mammal — like serenading bluebirds in a sunlit field, for example.

Why might women be — statistically speaking — less inclined toward hunting than men? Could it be because we are too gentle a sex to handle the death of an animal, or because of our innate hatred for sensible shoes? No — it is because things like this happen!

2 comments on “Lady-Color Now Approved for Lady-Hunters, Thank God | Grist

  1. Absolutely disgusting!! When I see the Browning deer decals on cars, especially pink, it makes me so irate and sick. Our society is beyond brainwashed in with a multi-tude of issues and now this with the addition of pink outfits marketed to female interest. I know there is no doubt that when most women see pink they think breast cancer awareness or that it is linked to another cause. I feel it would fit in well on this page: I will never understand how women can get wrapped up in such a cruel & inhumane sport; thereby showing not an ounce of compassion for the victims. It is simply absurd, despicable and a damn shame.

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