The Perfect Pre-Workout Green Smoothie.

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By Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief

Drinking green smoothies isn’t just about diet – it’s a lifestyle choice, taking care of our bodies, and constantly fueling our cells with healthy nutrition. In addition to feeding ourselves with greens, we benefit to maximum capacity when we combine that with a comprehensive exercise program, getting our heart rate up, increasing our lung capacity, and sweating out the toxins.

For great results, we want to be sure to fuel up with the right nutrition before hitting the gym. The best kinds of pre-workout foods are filled with protein, good carbs, and healthy fats. These ingredients help you stock up on energy, and keep you full for a long time. This apple, banana, rolled oats, coconut oil, and leafy greens combination, makes the perfect green smoothie, giving you vital energy and the nutrients needed for a killer workout! Remember to always choose organic ingredients. No nasty chemicals needed!

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We love bananas as…

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Petition · Permanently shut down the barbaric tenant farm in Westport, MA ·

UPDATE~Animal Groomer Pleads Not Guilty To Strangling Dachshund « CBS San Francisco

San Mateo Animal Groomer Pleads Not Guilty To Strangling Dachshund
June 24, 2016 1:03 PM
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Juan Zarate (San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office)

REDWOOD CITY (CBS SF) — A pet store employee has pleaded not guilty to animal abuse and animal cruelty in the alleged strangulation of a 1-year-old dachshund last month in a San Mateo pet store, San Mateo County prosecutors said.

On May 15, Juan Zarate, 38, of Hayward, took the dog Henry to a back room to trim its nails but got angry when the dog was not cooperative, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe said.

Zarate rushed to the front of the store three minutes later with the dog, which was unresponsive and had blood foaming from its mouth.

A veterinarian at the store was unable to revive the dog, prosecutors said.

Police responded at 5:15 p.m. to the PetSmart at 3520 S. El Camino Real on a report that a dog had died. Police arrested Zarate at the store the same day.

Henry came to the store with his owner, a 47-year-old San Mateo man, who brought two other dogs with him to have the dogs’ nails trimmed, according to prosecutors.

Wagstaffe said Henry’s owner was in court Thursday and indicated Henry was a beloved member of the family.

“It was such an impactful thing for them,” Wagstaffe said of Henry’s death.

A necropsy determined that the dog was strangled. A post-mortem X-ray showed the dog also suffered two broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Zarate has no other history of animal abuse, according to Wagstaffe. He is out of jail on a $50,000 bond.

A superior court review conference is set for 1 p.m. July 21 and a preliminary hearing for 9 a.m. July 29 in the county courthouse in South San Francisco.

CBS San Francisco
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More than 500 Million Android Devices are Open to this New Vulnerability

Nwo Report

More than 500 Million Android Devices are Open to this New Vulnerability

Source: Check Point

A newly discovered hardware flaw in the Android devices is an invitation for trouble. Experts at a security research company, known as Check Point, discovered a few vulnerabilities that were given the name Quadrooter. This bug, or a flaw, is present in more than 500 million devices.

Speaking of which, this brings us to this year’s DEFCON, which was held in Las Vegas. Check Point’s chief mobile security research, Adam Donenfeld showed a few newly discoveries that had the ability to gain administrative privileges or root access on Android smartphones or tablets.

However by now you must be thinking how our devices can be affected by such a flaw. It’s simple. In order for your device to get infected, you simply need to install a malicious application. Once the application is set on your device, the hacker then has complete access to the data present in the device, along…

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Lady-Color Now Approved for Lady-Hunters, Thank God | Grist

One small step for big-game sport, one big step for feminism: Hunters can now wear pink!
New York has joined Wisconsin and Colorado in adding hot pink as a designated hunting gear color, alongside the standard “blaze orange,” to attract more women to the sport.

Assemblywoman Eileen Gunther noted to The New York Times that by making hunting gear the color that all women biologically — and that’s a fact — prefer, they will attract “the next generation into the great outdoors.”

Sure? Many hunters are outspoken conservationists, because you can’t skin a deer if the deer have succumbed to the death knell of warmer climes and deforestation. But of all the ways to get young women interested in the great outdoors, hunting is one of the more niche. After all, there are myriad woman-friendly nature appreciation activities that don’t require disemboweling a large mammal — like serenading bluebirds in a sunlit field, for example.

Why might women be — statistically speaking — less inclined toward hunting than men? Could it be because we are too gentle a sex to handle the death of an animal, or because of our innate hatred for sensible shoes? No — it is because things like this happen!