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Protect Northwest Forests for Spotted Owl – American Bird Conservancy

Take action to protect endangered species


Ask your representative to support legislation to ban the interstate trade in cruel, indiscriminate traps.

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New security flaw in credit card chip system revealed | WPMT FOX43

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Computer researchers claim to have found yet another flaw in the upgrade to the chip-based credit cards in the United States.

The chip on these credit cards have been praised for making them nearly impossible to counterfeit. While the cards also contain a magnetic strip, that strip is supposed to tell the payment machine to use the chip.

But there’s a relatively easy way to knock down that safeguard.

Computer security researchers at the payment technology company NCR demonstrated how credit card thieves can rewrite the magnetic stripe code to make it appear like a chipless card again. This allows them to keep counterfeiting — just like they did before the nationwide switch to chip cards.

They presented their findings at the Black Hat computer security conference on Wednesday.

This claim of a glaring hole in EMV, the chip-based system, is possible because of the way many retailers are upgrading their payment machines: They’re not encrypting the transaction.

“There’s a common misperception EMV solves everything. It doesn’t,” Patrick Watson, one of the researchers, told CNNMoney.

On Thursday, a banking and retail industry group that monitors the EMV system cast doubt on the theory.

“If the data on the magnetic stripe is altered it might fool the terminal,” said U.S. Payments Forum director Randy Vanderhoof. But on the back end, the system would “reject the transaction.”

But the discovery of this possible flaw bolsters the retail industry’s complaints against the upgrade, which was forced upon shops by banks.

The National Retail Federation has long complained about the upgrade, which is estimated to cost American retailers $25 billion.

This latest research shows that retailers could spend millions of dollars upgrading to EMV and still not protect their customers from a massive credit card theft like the Target and Home Depot hacks two years ago.

Adding to the problem, payment terminal makers keep producing machines that don’t have the encryption by default.

And vendors who sell and install these machines at shops don’t simply flip the switch and turn on encryption. Retailers have to pay extra for basic security.

The major machine makers, Verifone and Ingenico, both asserted they offer point-to-point encryption on retailer’s machines — but it’s up to retailers and their partners to turn it on.

Currently, retailers focus on protecting the computer network that support their payment system. But that leaves the actual conversation between your credit card and the machine in plain text, readable to any hacker who breaks into the system.

It’s a mistake, said Mike Weber, vice president at the IT auditing firm Coalfire.

“They’re assuming the environment is okay,” he said. It’s not.

During their presentation, the NCR researchers advised shops to “encrypt everything” in a transaction. They also said consumers should pay with special apps on their phones and watches whenever the high tech option is available.

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Community Cats are in Danger in Oakland County

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Originally posted by Best Friends Animal Society

Oakland County Animal Control (OCAC) is the county’s government-run shelter. Bob Gatt, the shelter director, has stated that feral cats “pose a risk to the general public” and that they spread disease. In order to “protect the public welfare,” OCAC’s current policy is to kill all feral cats coming into the shelter in order to do “what is best for the animals.”

This policy was put into place under the current leadership at the shelter, without any proof that these claims are true. Oakland County is one of the largest and wealthiest counties in the state of Michigan, which has approved construction of a new $15 million animal shelter. Many counties in Michigan with far fewer resources are actively participating in trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs to humanely reduce the feral and community cat populations.

Oakland County residents have proven through the years that…

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Justice for Flamingo Killed by Drunk Theme Park Patron

A flamingo at Busch Gardens has been euthanized after sustaining severe injuries at the hands of a drunken guest. Demand severe punishment for this cruel and senseless death.

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Stop Violent ‘Running of the Bulls’ Festival

The ‘Running of the Bulls’ festival is not safe for bulls or humans. The festival allegedly ended with 11 sexual assaults, four rapes, one attempted rape, and 54 bulls that were tortured and killed. Sign this petition to put an end to this violent festival.

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Justice for Horse Allegedly Beaten to Death by Two Men




A horse reportedly had to be euthanized after collapsing on a highway and being beaten by two men. This gruesome attack on an innocent animal must not be tolerated. Demand that authorities charge the men with animal cruelty immediately if they are found guilty for this cruel crime.

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Catch Predator Who Hung Kitten With Noose and Tortured Her With Acid


A missing family cat was brutally tortured and left to die in the street. Princess’ face was burned with acid and she had neck injuries indicating she’d been strung up by a noose. Demand that justice is served for this innocent cat.

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Prosecute Man Accused of Killing Puppy With Rubbing Alcohol

A puppy was reportedly fed a bottle of rubbing alcohol right before his lifeless body was found in a tub of water. Unless something is done, more animals could suffer the same fate as the puppy. Sign this petition to demand that this alleged puppy killer be brought to justice.

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