Petition update · In 9 Days the Tippah Co Fair Will Again Teach a Mob of Small Children to Terrorize & Abuse Rabbits ·

Mississippi Governor: Please Stop The Tippah County MS Fair Rabbit Scramble
by Linda Sue · 45,131 supporters
Petition update
In 9 Days the Tippah Co Fair Will Again Teach a Mob of Small Children to Terrorize & Abuse Rabbits
Linda Sue
Florida, FL

Aug 2, 2016 — Despite 4 videos and several photos validating unlawful animal cruelty against domestic rabbits at the Tippah Co. Fair (evidence referenced from a Tippah News Facebook page); when asking Sheriff Karl Gaillard’s office if the rabbit scramble was being stopped do to the fact it is unlawful, the following statement was given by his dispatcher on 8/1/2016:
“IF” animal cruelty is going on, people will be arrested.

The Governor’s office states their Attorneys are looking into the complaints and that the Co Supervisors should be notified of the complaints.

County Supervisors do not respond to phone calls or formal complaints. When asking County Administrator Melinda Crumb if the County Supervisors were working to stop the animal cruelty event at the fair while referencing the MS Animal Cruelty laws forbidding the inhumane carrying of animals, she replied by stating they received the complaints and the Sheriff is elected and he runs the County.
Sheriff Karl Gaillard 662-837-9336
Tippah Co Board of Supervisors 662-837-3655

Mississippi State Statute 97-41-5 forbids the inhumane carrying of animals, this cruel event is unlawful.
Please call the following officials and respectfully ask them to review the complaints and to Help Stop the Inhumane Rabbit Scramble before more rabbits are injured and may die from the mishandling of young children let loose upon them in a hysterical mob. According to a complaint by expert Sharon L. Crowell-Davis DVM, PhD, DACVB Professor of Behavioral Medicine – this event encourages children to commit animal abuse and learn that cruelty to animals is not only acceptable, it is “fun” and desirable.
The unlawful event is scheduled to take place again on Aug 11, 2016.

HSUS Mississippi State Director, Lydia Sattler 228-216-6627
HSUS Facebook page:

State Representative Jody Steverson 662-837-9332 Ripley
Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves 601-359-3200
Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann 601-359-1350
Attorney General Jim Hood 601-359-3680
District Attorney Ben Creekmore 662-234-3304
Senator Thad Cochran 202-224-6253

UPDATE: You can read the open letter to the Tippah County Fair from In Defense of Animals and Animal Advocacy Initiative of Mississippi, INC. at the following link.
Animal Advocacy & News Awareness Continues
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