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Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: 12 more crimes against humanity and the environment concocted by the world’s most evil corporation

The Truth is the LIGHT

Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen: 12 more crimes against humanity and the environment concocted by the world’s most evil corporation


(NaturalNews) Most of the backlash today against Monsanto comes from the public’s growing awareness about the dangers of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), Roundup (glyphosate), and the systemic poisoning of our food supply with theseunlabeled chemical additives. But did you know that the world’s most evil corporation actually got its start in the artificial sweetener business?

The following 12 products – we’ll refer to these as Monsanto’s Dirty Dozen – are included among the other major crimes against humanity besides GMOs that Monsanto has pumped out over the years for consumer use. Some of these products will be familiar to you, but chances are you weren’t aware of their Monsanto ties:

1) Saccharin (Sweet ‘N Low). Monsanto’s founding was predicated on finding a way to mass produce saccharin, an…

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Brothers and sisters Include in your Vision the complete elimination of all genetically engineered food products and all pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

The Truth is the LIGHT

Brothers and sisters Include in your Vision the complete elimination of all genetically engineered food products and all pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

Dear brothers and Sisters,

Picture in your mind’s eye the dwindling of factory farms and the enslavement of animals.  See them emptying of animals, and closing their doors because of the lack of demand for meat and meat products, as all the earth’s beings, animals and humans alike, evolve from carnivore to omnivore, then herbivore, or as humans like to call themselves, vegans.  As Our planet rises in vibration, there will be less and less interest in consuming the flesh of animals who have become Our friends.

Have you noticed how much easier it is to find organic food in your markets?

Have you seen how many restaurants offer vegetarian specialties?  When you go out into the world and profess your preferences in markets and restaurants, when…

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WHY buying water in plastic bottles that strangle and destroy the oceans and all who swim in them?

The Truth is the LIGHT

WHY buying water in plastic bottles that strangle and destroy the oceans and all who swim in them?

If every person reading this will withdraw their support from the polluters of the world, the world would be a different place.

Now, go down your lists of things that are toxic.  Refuse to use toxic cleaning products.  Eliminate all plastic bags.  Bring nothing into your house that is made of plastic.  Read labels to make sure you are not using toothpaste made with fluoride or fruit drinks made with sugar.  Buy nothing in cans or boxes.  Ask your grocer to unwrap the fruits and vegetables, or do not buy them.  Take your own bags, and do not feel you have to wrap every item you buy in plastic just to take it home.  It is a simple thing to carry mesh or cloth bags to wrap your foods.  Do it for…

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Watch America’s trash problem keep getting bigger | Grist

The United States is positively glowing right now. Too bad it’s glowing with dumps.

As our population grew over the last century, so did our mountains of trash. This map from SaveOnEnergy (pointed out by CityLab) reveals where landfills sprung up in response to that growth. The circles dotting the landscape indicate the size and status of each dump: Closed landfills are indicated with green dots and operating ones with red.

Today, more than 2,000 landfills are operating around the country. Check out SaveOnEnergy’s site for a nifty interactive map that locates landfills near you.

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Your next leather accessory might be made from mushrooms | Grist

That leather jacket might make you look sexy, but it comes at a steep price — and we aren’t just talking about dollars. Leather is skin, after all, so something’s gotta die for that look. Plus, the livestock industry is notoriously bad for the environment, contributing to both water pollution and climate change. Nothing sexy about that.

Now, one company is trying solve our leather problem — with mushrooms.

MycoWorks uses mycelium — the fleshy, fibrous part that makes up the base of the mushroom — to create new products like furniture, building materials, and, now, something that looks and feels a whole lot like leather. While it takes three years to raise a cow before its skin suit can be harvested, mycelium “leather” can be grown in just a few weeks. And while one pair of leather shoes might result in 33 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, as FastCompany points out, mycelium produces none at all. It’s also biodegradable, and MycoWorks says it will be cost-competitive with the real stuff. The company plans to open a production facility in the Bay Area next year.

This is just one of many creative new products that harness the power of mushrooms. The miracle fungi is being used in everything from biodegradable packaging to home insulation to human-body composting. Even when mushrooms aren’t magic, they’re still pretty damn magic.

7 Of The World’s Most Beautiful And Threatened Beaches | Care2 Causes

It’s summer and for most of us, that means at least one trip to the nearest beach. Splashing in the ocean, soaking up the sun, sinking my toes into the sand: these are sensations only the beach can provide.
Sadly, our pollution and exploitation of all the ocean has to offer has put the world’s most beautiful beaches in jeopardy. In 100 years, a beachside vacation may be something people only read about in books.

Here are just seven of the world’s most beautiful and threatened beaches:

  1. Rhossili, Wales

Rhossili, a world-famous five-mile sweeping bay located on the tip of the Gower peninsula in southwest Wales, is in danger because of erosion caused by climate change.

  1. Goa, India

    “People around the world picture Goa as the ultimate beach destination and what adds to the charm is the lush green environs of the state. But locals and conservationists fear that iron ore mining companies in India are not only spoiling the natural beauty of the region, but threatening the lives of many wild animals stricken out of their forest homes,” reports
  2. Railay, Thailand

“I genuinely fear for Railay,” writes travel blogger Adventurous Kate. ”I’m afraid that it will become the next Koh Phi Phi, the entire island smelling like sewage because the infrastructure can’t handle the number of visitors.”
4. Koh Rong Island

“Koh Rong Island is an inexpensive, unspoiled island getaway with turquoise-green waters, miles of powder-white beaches, endless palm trees, untouched fishing villages and only a handful of beachfront bungalows,” reports BBC Travel. But don’t wait too long if you want to see it that way. “In 2006, Kithr Meng, a Cambodian tycoon, purchased a 99-year lease on the island from the Cambodian government. His 20-year plan includes building an airport for small aircrafts, a marina, a golf course, casinos and several five-star resorts.”
5. Seychelles, Indian Ocean

In the past decade, the rising sea level has taken a bite out of this spectacular strip of shore in the Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar. “Rising temperatures and the melting of polar ice caps are blamed for raising ocean levels and threatening to destroy the nation’s pristine coastline – the country’s No 1 tourist attraction. Some of the archipelago’s low-lying islands could be fully submerged if the rise continues,” reported the National.

  1. Magdalen Islands, Quebec

The approximately 13,000 residents of Magdalen Islands have watched intensifying natural forces threaten the boundaries of their home in recent years. “Warmer winters and fiercer storms, rising seawaters and the slow sinking of the islands are responsible for an alarming loss of coastline, and the erosion appears to be accelerating,” reports Canadian Geographic.
7. Miami Beach, Florida

In May 2014, a new scientific report on global warming — the National Climate Assessment – named Miami as one of the cities most vulnerable to severe damage as a result of rising sea levels.

Canadian Uranium Miner, Energy Fuels, Endangers Proposed Bear Ears National Monument, BLM Comment Deadline Aug. 1 (Today); Write President Obama

Mining Awareness +

Bear Ears USGS; Black Bears UFWS
Daneros mine distance from parks
Options to oppose expansion of the Daneros uranium mine, which lies within the proposed Bear Ears National Monument area on US government land: Deadline around 4 or 5 pm Monday (Today). Nonetheless, feel free to bother the BLM office any time you wish, as they appear to not be doing their job and must be bored. The mining company won’t even pay royalties and there is apparently a tax loophole. The expansion is for over 41.8 acres.
Energy Fuels stock is worth a little over two dollars (US). Currently they send around 1/3rd of their uranium to South Korea.
BLM Att L Daneros uranium mine site
Site of Canadian Miner Energy Fuels Daneros Uranium Mine Expansion

Click to access Att_L_-_Biological_Survey_Information.pdf

The proposed Bear Ears National Monument is 1.9 million acres of US federally owned public lands, supposed to be managed by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), USFS (US Forest Service), and the…

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