Canadian Miner Energy Fuels – Destroying US Public Land to Send Uranium to S. Korea; Not Even Royalties for Bankrupt US Govt; Aug. 1st; Aug. 30th Comment Deadlines

Mining Awareness +

mining companies–many of them foreign-owned–have taken over $300 billion worth of valuable metals from public lands without paying a nickel in royalties to the American people.
BLM Att L Daneros uranium mine site
Site of Daneros Uranium Mine Expansion

If this were happening in any other country, do-good NGOs would be having fits that the country was being robbed of its gold, copper, and uranium. But, if it’s Canada, the UK, etc., robbing what was American Indian lands until a little over 100 years ago and then US Public Lands and Mineral Resources, it apparently doesn’t bother hardly anyone. The Haiti mining law was 1/3rd landowner, 1/3rd government, and 1/3rd mining company, which is why so many wanted to get shot of that mining law, pretending it was bad. Much of Haiti’s land is government owned, as is much of the land in the western USA. So, most, or all, of its gold appears…

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