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Canadian Miner Energy Fuels – Destroying US Public Land to Send Uranium to S. Korea; Not Even Royalties for Bankrupt US Govt; Aug. 1st; Aug. 30th Comment Deadlines

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mining companies–many of them foreign-owned–have taken over $300 billion worth of valuable metals from public lands without paying a nickel in royalties to the American people.
BLM Att L Daneros uranium mine site
Site of Daneros Uranium Mine Expansion

Click to access Att_L_-_Biological_Survey_Information.pdf

If this were happening in any other country, do-good NGOs would be having fits that the country was being robbed of its gold, copper, and uranium. But, if it’s Canada, the UK, etc., robbing what was American Indian lands until a little over 100 years ago and then US Public Lands and Mineral Resources, it apparently doesn’t bother hardly anyone. The Haiti mining law was 1/3rd landowner, 1/3rd government, and 1/3rd mining company, which is why so many wanted to get shot of that mining law, pretending it was bad. Much of Haiti’s land is government owned, as is much of the land in the western USA. So, most, or all…

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International Tiger Day 2016

Free Tony The Tiger

tonysteveThis beautiful watercolor painting of our handsome Tony is a work in progress by Steve Cavallo ( ) we just had to share.

International Tiger Day, or Global Tiger Day. was created at the St. Petersburg Tiger Summit in 2010 and is celebrated on July 29th.

Its’ goal is to raise world awareness for wild tigers and support for their conservation…we’d also like people to recognize the  problem of captive tigers since the U.S. has a significant role to play in ensuring captive-bred tigers don’t feed the global black market for tiger parts.

It is now estimated that close to 3,900 tigers remain in the wild, up from the previous estimate of as few as 3,200 in 2010…but in the United States there are more than 5,000 privately owned tigers!

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One of the ways you can help captive U.S. tigers is to support legislation to ban…

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Suspected Terrorists ‘Should Be Electronically Tagged’

Nwo Report

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani says that suspected terrorists should be electronically taggedFormer New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani has called for the electronic tagging of all suspected terrorists in America. 

Giuliani advised Trump at the Republican national convention last week that Islamists should be forced to wear electronic monitoring bracelets or tags. reports:

“I would think that’s an excellent idea,” Giuliani said, NJ Advance Media reported.

“If you’re on the terror watch list, I should you know you’re on the terror watch list. You’re on there for a reason.”

Giuliani, who spoke at the Republican national convention last week, is currently advising Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign.

He was in Philadelphia as part of an effort to bring Republicans to speak outside the Democratic national convention.

On Tuesday, French authorities identified a man who killed a Catholic priest during mass as an Islamic State supporter who was released from prison on the condition that he wear an electronic monitoring bracelet.

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