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Police officers widow speaks out on DNC

In the video a moment of silence for the police officers who lost their lives…they had to yell out black lives matter… apparently black police officers do not matter… Hypocrites!!!

Petition update · Yet Another Kill List At Breasta ·

Paul Brummel UK Ambassador in Romania: Stop the killing of dogs in Breasta PS
by Diane Bird · 3,701 supporters
Petition update
Yet Another Kill List At Breasta
Diane Bird
West Bromwich, United Kingdom

Jul 28, 2016 — In just one week the rescuers in Romania and a group of dedicated volunteers are facing a 3rd Kill list at Breasta PS. The rescue shelters are reaching capacity , we are finding it harder and harder to find places for these dogs.How much longer we can keep saving the dogs without intervention is unknown but we are getting desperate. Please keep signing and sharing.If you know someone in the media, who can get our story out to the world and help force intervention by the UK Embassy in Romania + the Romanian Government , please share our story.
50 Dogs Leave Breasta To Safety
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3,701 supporters
1,299 needed to reach 5,000

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