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Success: Students Arrested for Throwing Dog Off Roof

Two men have been arrested after a video surfaced that allegedly shows them dropping a helpless dog from a rooftop. Applaud the swift punishment of these senseless and cruel individuals.

Source: Success: Students Arrested for Throwing Dog Off Roof

Justice for Bunny Allegedly Set on Fire

A pet bunny was reportedly set on fire by its owner, who claims it bit him. This is a heinous, inexcusable crime against an innocent animal. Sign this petition to demand that this animal abuser is penalized to the fullest extent, if guilty.

Source: Justice for Bunny Allegedly Set on Fire

Stop Producing Sunscreen that Kills Coral Reefs


Many sunscreen brands contain toxic chemicals that severely damage delicate coral reefs when they are inevitably washed into the ocean. Demand that the largest producer of sunscreen products in the world switch to more natural and nontoxic compounds.

Source: Stop Producing Sunscreen that Kills Coral Reefs

Save the Endangered Fossa From Extinction

The fossa is a catlike species native to Madagascar that has been dying out due to hunting and human encroachment. We must increase awareness and demand greater conservation efforts to protect this special creature from extinction.

Source: Save the Endangered Fossa From Extinction

Petition: Stop the Faroe Island Whale Slaughter

Petition: End Tomi’s Suffering and Release Him to a Sanctuary

CIA Pilot Presents Evidence That No Planes Hit Towers On 9/11

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Ex-CIA pilot John Lear vindicated as evidence that no planes hit the twin towers on 9/11 is compiled and published onlineEx-CIA and commercial jet pilot John Lear claims that the Twin Towers were not bought to the ground by planes crashing into them on 9/11, and now detailed information has been posted online corroborating his account.

In Lear’s expert opinion the official claim that two planes crashed into the towers is actually “physically impossible.”

With reports from the Kremlin that President Putin will release satellite images proving that the Twin Towers were destroyed by “controlled demolition” rather than by the force of two planes, enormous strides towards disproving the official 9/11 Commission version are taking place.

The grandson of Learjet founder Bill Lear, John Lear is a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot who has flown over 100 different types of plane during 40 years of active flying. He holds more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certified pilot, and has flown secret CIA missions in Asia, Africa…

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