Jul 14, 2016 — Right now I would like to have EVERYONE please HOLD OFF on sending out emails to the IDNR and Wayne Rosenthal and Tim Daiber. We are in the process of working out some stuff and I don’t want to tick anyone off. I will keep you posted and let you know if we need to start flooding the emails and calls. I’m praying that what we’ve all been doing is working. So please just hold off on the calls and emails to them. Please keep sharing and signing the petition cause they still get this. I want to thank everyone for your support and prayers cause without you all I couldn’t have done this alone. I’m hoping my fight is almost over for them but I’ll know soon. I’ll keep you posted. Love Dude and Jude and the whole Crawford family.


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Will You Pick Up The Phone? Veterans Need Your Help – #illegallyhealed

Petition update · URGENT: Don’t let them take our Pet Deer!!!! ·

Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Let me keep my two deer I’ve raised since birth
by Rhonda Phelps Crawford · 123,182 supporters
Petition update
URGENT: Don’t let them take our Pet Deer!!!!
Rhonda Phelps Crawford
United States

Jul 14, 2016 — PLEASE HELP!!! Save Dude and Jude!!!! Here is the name of the head director of the IDNR Wayne Rosenthal you can reach him at 217-782-6302. His email is
The IDNR Captain that is the one wanting to shoot or take my deer away from me his name is Tim Daiber and you can reach him at 618-435-8138, his email address is
The IDNR website is
So if you need anymore names or numbers you can send anything there. So if you would please tell them that if they take these deer away from us we are going to sue the IDNR. Because that’s what I’m thinking about doing anyway. I’m just hoping that if enough people call Mr. Rosenthal since he’s the head director of IDNR then maybe he’ll make the decision to let us keep them. Thanks everyone!!!!
Please keep signing and sharing the petition.


Dude & Jude Update 7/13/16
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