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Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Let me keep my two deer I’ve raised since birth
by Rhonda Phelps Crawford · 121,926 supporters
Petition update
Dude & Jude Update 7/13/16
Rhonda Phelps Crawford
United States

Jul 13, 2016 — Just got off the phone with the IDNR and they are NOT letting me keep them. The Captain in charge TIM DAIBER is out of the office all week. So if you want to flood the phones with calls to this office or write to this office here is the information.
Illinois DNR
Region V Office
1173 IL 37
Benton, IL. 62812
You can ask for Tim Daiber who is the Captain and the one that is being the ASS and not letting me keep these babies that I’ve had all these years. I believe his plan is to still shoot them. So please keep signing and calling them if you would. Dude and Jude deserve to stay where they are. Thanks everyone.

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