The Ridiculous Reason Hoomans Don’t Like Pit Bulls … (P.S. It’s Really Not About the Dogs At All) | One Green Planet

Goji Berry, Chief Happiness Officer, One Green Planet
July 10, 2016

People, people, people. You know that I absolutely adore hoomans, but I must say that I am very confused by them as well. They are huge fans of saying things like “I ADORE dogs,” but the next second they decide that they only like certain types of dogs. Whether it’s purebred dogs that have been exclusively bred for certain traits or bizarro hybrid mixes (like a Ba-Shar or Shorgi), humans love nothing more than picking and choosing which dogs they like and don’t like.

Sadly, there is one particular type of dog that a lot of humans have decided they don’t like … the Pit Bull. And the reason they’ve decided they don’t like these dogs is because they somehow got the idea that they’re “vicious and aggressive.”What’s really bananas about this assumption is the fact that the reason they think this about these dogs is actually not because of anything that the dogs did … but what PEOPLE did.

Specifically, Pit Bulls have gotten a bad reputation because of the people who train and abuse them to be fighting dogs. So really, the bad reputation these dogs have gotten should REALLY be placed on the people who made them fight, but of course, people don’t see it that way. Being a fellow dog, my heart goes out to these Pits, after all, their average euthanasia rate hovers at 93 percent in animal shelters. This is something that makes me very, very, angry – like angrier than my hoomans decide to wear really scary hats or fake throw my frisbee … and I seriously do not like that. So when I saw this post from Imgur user saskpirate88, I just had to agree!
This Pit-Parent posted this photo with the caption, “The more people I meet, the more I love my Pit.”

The fact is, Pit Bulls, like all dogs are just as capable of loving humans more than anything in the world if they are raised by kind and compassionate guardians. Just think about it, dogs used for fighting are deprived of everything – love, comfy beds, toys, good food, and everything else a doggy should have – and then abused and forced to hurt each other all just so they can get some showing of kindness or approval from their people! It’s downright wrong.

Look at that sweet Pit Bull’s face … does he look like a natural born fighter? No, he looks like he is looking at his hooman asking for some love, I would know, I speak dog.

So, if you think that these stereotypes against Pitties are a whole lot of nonsense, encourage the people you know to learn the truth about Pit Bulls and share that information with the world! You’re on your cell phones 90 percent of the time anyway so use that mobile access to helps some pups!

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Horse Nearly Dies from Nettles |

Horse Nearly Dies from Nettles
Stinging Nettles Horse

July 10, 2016

West Dorset, England – A horse was nearly killed, and a rider sent to the hospital, after coming in contact with stinging nettles. Charlotte Hewlett, and her riding companion Bex Perkins, were enjoying a leisurely trail ride when they found themselves on an overgrown trail full of nettles. “We couldn’t turn around and we where trapped in the over growth with two big horses getting attacked by stinging nettles. The horses were panicking as we where fighting our way through the bridle path. We decided to get off and help them try to break through but the horses panicked even more and trampled over the top of us to try and run away from the stings. We got out of the track and my horse collapsed several times falling over in the track. She then collapsed in a gateway and was giving up,” Hewlett told reporters.

Hewlett called a veterinarian, who was able to find them despite vague directions. The veterinarian began administering drugs and morphine. Hewlett’s horse lay on her side for over an hour before she began showing signs of recovery.

Perkins was transported to the hospital for treatment of injuries sustained when the horses ran them over.

Stinging Nettles is a problem in the United States as well. The Pt Reyes National Seashore in California is particularly bad this year, with reports of horses dying from coming in contact with nettles on the trail. One person wrote on a Facebook horse group “I’ve seen a horse have a reaction to the nettles at Pt Reyes. He dumped the rider and ran all the way back to camp. He went crazy striking and running at people almost hung itself until we could sedate him. Scary how it effects some horses but not all?”
Stinging Nettle
Author: Dale Williams – Phone: 724-964-6773


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BREAKING: 5 Poachers Dead And 3 Injured After Pride of Lions Sneaked Up On Them

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Spanish Matador is Killed by Bull. Proper Justice!

One Person, One World.


Spanish bull murderer Victor Barrio has been rightfully killed by a bull called Lorenzo. It happened during a tournament in Teruel in Aragon, Eastern Spain and was screened live on television. The poor bull had been struggling but managed to catch the murderer off guard, snagged him in the side, rammed him to the ground and gored him the chest. 361CB90600000578-3682545-image-a-89_1468094095899

Personally I think the bull did the world a favour to get rid of a vicious clown who think it is brave to torture animals. What is wrong with people who find this ”sport” entertaining? Who thinks that being dressed in an ridiculous costume while torturing a animal can be counted as entertainment? Vile and sick people that’s who they are. A country like Spain who allows this cruel thing to go on is frankly sick, barbaric and stuck in the stone age. Time to catch up now, to evolve, time to…

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2016 Mardi Gras for Elephants and Rhinos: A celebration 4 life


12734243_10153776260215358_6944977851216971239_n.jpgAs some of you may know I work to raise awareness of the issues facing the world’s remaining Asian and African elephants. I am part of a group based in Vancouver called Elephanatics. We are a conservation group that does educational outreach, action and advocacy in Canada on behalf of elephants.

For the last two years we have organized a event in Vancouver that is part of a global, grassroots initiative called The Global March for Elephants and Rhinos. Last year over 140 cities organized worldwide. This year we hope to have even more cities participate. Our goal is put continued  pressure on governments and policy makers worldwide to end the ivory and rhino horn trade and to save many of Africa’s endangered species by moving them to Appendix 1 under the convention of the international trade in endangered wildlife and fauna known as CITES.

We are encouraging people in…

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