Petition update · Our Deer Dude and Jude ·

Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Let me keep my two deer I’ve raised since birth
by Rhonda Phelps Crawford · 17,760 supporters
Petition update
Our Deer Dude and Jude
Rhonda Phelps Crawford
United States

Jul 8, 2016 — I would like to thank everyone for your support in helping us save our deer. Right now we still have them. We haven’t heard anything from the IDNR. They were suppose to have called me but they haven’t done that yet so we don’t know what the deer’s fate is at the moment. The one thing I do know is that I was given a ticket for having them and have to appear in court on July 29th. I do have a go fund me account set up so if you want to help in any way please do. When I go to court I’m not paying this ticket right off the bat. I’m planning on fighting this. I don’t feel I should have gotten a ticket in the first place. Again. I’m so overwhelmed with the support you’ve all shown us. Please keep supporting us. You can call me anytime and check on Dude and Jude at 618-315-7613. Thanks so much. May God bless you all.
The Crawford Family.

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17,760 supporters
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