Success! Library Cat Won’t Be Evicted | Care2 Causes

Thanks to animal lovers across the world coming together, Browser the library cat can now rest easy by his books because his eviction has been called off.

Browser made headlines last week when the city council in White Settlement, Texas voted to remove the tabby cat from the library where he had been living for the last six years. The council voted 2-1 for the cat to pack his litter box and catnip toys and be on his way. The decision was made after a city hall employee wasn’t allowed to bring her puppy into work, calling the situation unfair since a cat was allowed in the library.
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Luckily, Browser had many humans to argue his case. A Care2 petition gathered more than 63,000 signatures in a matter of days.

“According to the library president, children love to pick out books to read to him, and he never interferes with the yarn used during her Tuesday knitting class,” read the petition arguing for Browser to be granted permission to stay at the library. “He’s regularly featured on the library’s Instagram feed. People come in to look for him, and he’s become part of the family. He’s a sweet and gentle creature who’s made his home in the quiet confines of the library.”

Browser’s supporters also reached out to officials in White Settlement directly. One city council member told the Associated Press he was “called a few choice names.” The mayor of the town was also flooded with messages regarding the issue.

“I have received to date close to 1200 email messages from all over the world,” the town’s mayor Ronald White said. “The international kerfuffle about a cat.”

A local petition gathered more than 800 supporters for the cat and many showed up at the city council meeting on Friday to argue in the feline’s defense, but council members didn’t even need to hear them. The council voted unanimously to allow Browser to stay at the library as its official mascot.

Maybe this kitty’s newfound fame will even lead to more library visits. For those wanting to meet Browser, he is known to hang out by the periodicals and non-fiction sections.

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