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Rehydrate with Super Summer Slushes!

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AAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Nothing is better on a hot afternoon than a cold wet slush. Below are some recipes to help you and your kids rehydrate and fuel up for more fun in the sun. Read on for some basic recipes to get you started. I’m sure you will come up with more of your own.

Nutrient Boosting Add Ins

The fresh and frozen fruit in the recipes is great, but adding Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen will boost the protein content from almost nothing to a whopping 10 gm per scoop. That turns this frozen drink into a filling afternoon snack!

The last recipe already calls for this, but adding 2 Tbs of Ramiel Nagel’s High Vitamin C Powder gives it a huge antioxidant boost and turns any fruit drink into a super sour slush. If someone in your family is coming down with a summer cold, then this can help knock it right…

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In The Good Old Summertime — Herbal wipes, sunburn remedy, “camper soap” and more…

Mystical Magical Herbs

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How To Make Disinfectant Wipes

You’ll need a quart mason jar, spray bottle, 2 cups of white vinegar, and 2 tablespoons each of dried lavender buds, sage and rosemary.

Add all the ingredients to the mason jar, cap the jar and place it in a cool area. Infuse this mixture for seven days. Shake well before straining out the herbs through a fine mesh wire strainer. Add the liquid to a spray bottle.

Use this herb-infused disinfectant for wiping down shopping carts, door handles, toilet seats, faucets. Moisten a few paper towels with the spray and place the towels in a zip-lock bag. Perfect for wiping hands after you’ve handled money. Use at picnics, playgrounds, and for wiping down plastic toys. This spray has a crisp, clean scent and will kill common bacteria. All three of the herbs are anti-bacterial and so is the vinegar.

How to Make an Herbal…

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Holiday Plans For Your Pets

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This Summer Camp Is Raising The Next Generation Of Vegans And Activists | Care2 Causes

By: Natalia Lima

The sun is up, school is out and kids are off to camp. Some will play soccer, others will improve their math skills and a select number will learn how to change the world for the better in camps designed to build the activists of the future.

“Young people when they learn about a problem in our world, they want to fix it,” says Nora Kramer, founder and executive director of Youth Empowered Action Camp (YEA Camp). “Adults tend to be more jaded and say, ‘what can I do about that? That’s just the way it is.’”

Kramer, a long time activist with a background in education, started the camp in 2009 after seeing how well kids responded to an “Animals and the Environment” class she taught. After failing to find any other places where kids inspired to make a change could go to improve their skills, she created YEA Camp, which is now offered in California, Massachusetts and New York — with a vegan menu to go with its compassionate message.
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“We have kids who are superstars and have already started nonprofits at 10 years old and there are others who are still trying to figure out what they can do,” explains Kramer of the up to 50 kids who participate in every session. “Most of our campers are kids who really care about what’s happening in our world and really want to make a difference.”

Kramer says some parents find out about the camp and tell their kids about it, but in most cases, it is the kids who persuade the parents to enroll them.

While some may think that exposing their kids to the problems of the world like war, climate change, animal cruelty and social injustice may be harsh, Dr. Kimberly Spanjol from Youth Animal Protectors, a program that teaches kids compassion through animal protection issues, says if done correctly, it can affect them deeply in a positive way.

“In the right balance you’re giving them tools to help others and themselves too,” says Spanjol. “All the latest research supports that teaching kids to be in service and to help others, helps their own happiness. You’re also giving them the skill of problem solving which will make them more effective in the job market.”

Mixing fun games with a serious message is also key according to Spanjol.

“Experimental learning is the most effective way for anyone, specially kids, to learn. You want them to be a part of it so they’re motivated and excited about what they’re doing instead of just being lectured to.”

Capture the flag, treasure hunts and color war are then adapted with a conscientious twist. In Change Maker Olympics, kids need to fix an injustice or problem at each station before completing a course, and in Planetary Problem Puzzle, they must figure out how seemingly unconnected problems like homelessness and war are intertwined.

Does that sounds like an “uncool” way to spend your summer to you? You might be getting old. According to the American Camp Association almost half of all its accredited camps have some kind of civic messaging and learning experience as part of their focus because kids are increasingly interested in it.

Camps like Camp Ten Trees, Me to We Camp, and Children’s Justice Camp all aim to teach kids about inclusion and how to make social change when they go back home.