Petition Update: SAVE MARLEY AND END B.S.L!!!!




Yayyyyyy!!!! Marley will be coming home as soon as we can get her there! She should NEVER have been seized in the first place!! Thank you so much for signing and showing support to Lauren and her family xxxx

                                                                        A BIG THANK YOU !!!    

On the 18th December 2015, our beautiful girl Marley was seized by police because of her breed. She was wrongfully ripped from our family home and taken to a kennel in which we are not allowed to visit. Marley is a friendly dog and has never shown any sort of aggression. Please ask DEFRA the ineffective legislation that led to Marley being seized, and please ask Derby law court to ask with responsibility and compassion when deciding the future of this beloved, gentle family pet.

Marley is a family dog and we have had her since she was 7 weeks old! She adores my 3 year old daughter and we are lost without her. The police have said that because I have a young child we probably won’t get her back because of her breed, whereas the sergeant in charge has said different, so we aren’t even clear what will happen.

Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) was rushed through as part of the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act. It was a simplistic response to the public mood at the time, and it legislates against certain dog types rather than tackling effective dog rearing and ownership or considering the temperament of individual animals. Evaluations have found it to be ineffective in the Netherlands, Denmark and Spain.

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