Nationalist Patriot Populist vs. Globalist Poll + JibJab’s “Big Box Mart” – You can say that again!

Lantern Timeglass Journal

Editorial Article and Special Report with a Poll by Jim Lantern, 5:00pm CT Tuesday 28 June 2016

BREAKING NEWS: As I’ve been working on this special posting, CNN (and the others) are reporting a major terrorist attack on an airport in Istanbul Turkey – so far reporting 28 dead 60 injured. Make no mistake about it: Terrorists are Globalists (like ISIS of radical Islam who want to control the world) – but not all Globalists are terrorists. There are some good Globalists – and among them are some science fiction authors as well as sone scientists. This is now Terror Tuesday. Even so, on with this special report, a bit long (as usual), and I promise you some of it will be like a Fun Friday!

First a few definitions, and then the poll…

  • Nationalist: “A person who advocates political independence for a country. Of or relating to nationalists or nationalism.”

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