petition: Demand a Moratorium on Atrazine, a Dangerous Farm Chemical, United States


petition: Fim das Touradas em Portugal. Não à violência gratuita de animais, Portugal



petition: Ban the Import and Export of Tiger Bone Wine


petition: Demand Vancouver Aquarium Cut Ties With SeaWorld!


petition: Outlaw the barbaric and ineffective use of gin traps in South Africa!, South Africa


petition: India’s ‘Lust for Killing’ Wildlife Needs to Stop


petition: Florida: Give Abused Cats and Dogs a Voice in Court!, Florida


petition: Oppose S. 659’s Threat to Our Lands, Waters And Wildlife


petition: V Theatre, Bar World Famous Popovich Comedy Pet Theatre From Performing at Your Venue!


petition: President Obama: Please order USDA and the Department of Energy to remove heaters from El Yunque Rai


petition: Tell Simons Foundation to stop funding cruel monkey “autism” experiments


petition: Harvard Medical School – Stop Animal Cruelty in Your Medical Curriculum




You Can Legally Smash The Window Of A Hot Car To Save A Dog In These States | Care2 Causes


Demand CBS Stop Using Live Animals for Show


Despite the show’s message about the unfairness of treating animals as objects, CBS continues to use live animals for its show Zoo. Animals held in captivity face many hardships and typically develop mental and physical problems due to their confinement. Sign this petition and demand CBS start using CGI and special effects for its show Zoo.

Source: Demand CBS Stop Using Live Animals for Show

Demand Justice and Protection for Orangutans


An 18-month-old orangutan named Didik was rescued with a bullet in his shoulder after witnessing the death of his mother in Borneo, Malaysia. Prevent tragedies like this from continuing to threaten this fragile species.

Source: Demand Justice and Protection for Orangutans

Reverse Decision to Ban Pit Bulls


Owners will be forced to dump their beloved dogs if a planned pit bull ban is not reversed. Urge city officials to reconsider this senseless legislation and save thousands of innocent dogs from abandonment or euthanasia.

Source: Reverse Decision to Ban Pit Bulls

Prosecute Person Who Fed Fox Cub to Hounds


Video footage has emerged showing a man feeding a fox cub to baying hounds. Demand that those responsible be prosecuted.

Source: Prosecute Person Who Fed Fox Cub to Hounds

Demand Shut Down of Neglectful Roadside Zoo


A filthy roadside zoo continues to neglect and abuse its animals despite numerous citations from the USDA. The zoo has been cited for not providing adequate veterinary care or clean water, and for a variety of other atrocities. Sign this petition and demand the USDA shut down this zoo.

Source: Demand Shut Down of Neglectful Roadside Zoo

Dogs Allegedly Left To Die Inside Pet Groomer’s Van Deserve Justice


A pet groomer reportedly killed three dogs by leaving them in a vehicle until they died of heat stroke. He then lied to the owners, who found their dead dogs inside his van, according to reports. Sign this petition to bring these innocent dogs and their owner justice.

Source: Dogs Allegedly Left To Die Inside Pet Groomer’s Van Deserve Justice

Service Dog Taken Out by Hit-And-Run Driver Who Fled Scene


Zephyr the service dog was struck by a hit-and-run driver who reportedly sped through a red light, slowed down and then plowed straight into him. The dog provides comfort and security to his owner, who suffers from PTSD, and this incident has left the owner devastated. Demand justice for Zephyr.

Source: Service Dog Taken Out by Hit-And-Run Driver Who Fled Scene