‘Anti-refugee barbed wire, new anti-wildlife Iron Curtain’

Dear Kitty. Some blog

Dead red deer, photo by Dejan Kaps

This photo shows a red deer, which died a horrible death by one of the bloody barbed wire fences, erected by stupid racist anti-refugee politicians like Orban in Hungary.

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Border barriers are the new Iron Curtain for wildlife

Today, 19:09

The border fences in Europe for stopping refugees are disastrous for wildlife. A group of international scientists are worried about the impact on the migratory routes of, eg, wolves, bears, lynx, bison and red deer.

“The fences cut populations of already vulnerable species in pieces,” says Arie Trouwborst of Tilburg University. “And at least as bad is that animals that get caught in the fences die in a nasty way. Especially barbed wire which was rolled out recently in haste causes animal suffering.” …

The group estimates that there are border barriers with a length…

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