Protect Sea Turtles from Oil Spills in the Gulf of Mexico



Send an email by June 16th to stop new oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and protect sea turtles and dolphins.

Source: Protect Sea Turtles from Oil Spills in the Gulf of Mexico

Dog eats Gorilla Glue, has perfect mold of her stomach removed by vet | WPMT FOX43


Serbia: Can You Help With A Final Donation To Help Animals This Month in Nis.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

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To donate –  

About Small Shelter Nis – LINK  

Please help our small private shelter in Nis, Serbia to take care for it’s animals;

need for another 40 euros for food, please you, if someone wants to help.
I know that many of you are preparing for the holidays, but I have to ask you to think about our orphan dogs, which depend solely on you, and also ask you to spare a few euros for our dogs food for the month of June.

We shall be immensely grateful and our dogs will not be hungry.

For our 30 dogs and 10 cats monthly food costs are about 250 euros.

This wonderful little shelter of ours regularly struggles to raise funds which are needed for every month, to feed all the dogs and take care of them which completely depends on us.

The street cats…

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Report of animal abuse in Moscow

Claudine Giovannoni

This is a report of severe animal abuse.
Attention: the following short reportage contains graphic images and indescribable living creatures’ sufferance.

It is not suitable for sensitive persons, refrain from watching…
but please share within your followers, on FB or using the e-mail.
I started a petition on AVAAZ, see link below.

I put the names of the State Commissioners and Regulatory Authority of the South-East Autonomous District of Moscow.


State Commissioner – the officials of the National public establishment
National public establishment
Housing and utility infrastructure and the South-East Autonomous District of Moscow
V.V. Stolyarov
N.I. Belyakov
N.O. Afanasieva
G.V. Nazarova
O.I. Tolomeeva
A.Y. Uvarov

Regulatory authority for the National Public Establishment
prefecture of the South-East Autonomous District of Moscow
E.L. Afanasenkov
S.E. Zhukova
A.V. Konovalov
Y.I. Chuprina
A.V. Tsibin



Thank you for helping me create a better World for all…

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Unprecedented Petition Against Dog Meat Festival Takes Flight

CHIUDERE il rifugio per animali randagi “ECHO” Bano South-East Autonomous District MOSCOW


Claudine is dear a friend who created this petition to help the animals in Russia
Please take a moment and sign the petition it’s easy, your email and send

Warning ~Videos are graphic