Over 800 Cats and Dogs Rescued In China

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Update! Chinese Embassy refuses to accept Petition/ re URGENT:  DEMO, LONDON AGAINST HORRIFIC YULIN ‘FESTIVAL’ 24 June – and  – Request for help in Yulin

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Wake up! It’s always about money and power!

The only way to have an effect is to boycott Chinese tourism and to tell every big corporation manufacturing in or buying cheap crap from China and re-selling it to us, that we will not buy their products so long as this obscenity is allowed to continue!  Added benefit would be that it would bring back the millions of manufacturing jobs that have been lost in our own country!

The same goes for the Philipines,  S. Korea, Vietnam and other countries in S.E. Asia where eating dogs/cats is still allowed.

China has no humane laws and they have been dragging their heels on this for years. it’s time to end bear-bile farms as well, where thousands…

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