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View from a Skiff, the Marls, Abaco, Bahamas


Today the NOAA and other worldwide ocean guardian organisations are celebrating World Oceans Day. Looking at the websites and FB pages, one message is clear: People Are Rubbish. To put it another way, the global pollution of the oceans is caused solely by humans. The pristine seas and beaches of the world were unsullied until, say, the last 200 years. In 4 or 5 generations, all that has changed irreversibly.

Leave only Footprints - Delphi Beach, AbacoMy rather (= very) negative intro is counterbalanced by some more positive news: there are plenty of good guys out there working hard to make a difference to the rising tide of filth polluting the oceans. Clearing seas and beaches of plastic and other debris. Collecting tons and tons of abandoned fishing gear. Rescuing creatures trapped, entangled, injured and engulfed by marine debris and pollutants. Educating adults and – far more importantly – children…

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Commonsense Fracking Controls in Pennsylvania Are Under Threat. Take Action for Parks!



Source: Commonsense Fracking Controls in Pennsylvania Are Under Threat. Take Action for Parks!

Petition update · Noahs supporters please share this petition ·


Domesticated African Serval Noah’s Ripped From Loving Home Please Help Bring Him Home
by Beth Rhines · 3,572 supporters
Petition update
Noahs supporters please share this petition
Beth Rhines
Middletown, CT

Jun 8, 2016 — Noah’s is not doing well, and we need to get him home. Your signatures, and great comments are helping, we have to continue to fight for this innocent creature. PLEASE SHARE you are helping make a difference. The complete unethical, and inhumane treatment of this docile loving creature is unacceptable. He is locked in a zoo, and needs his family. If you could make another comment on this petition, or help in any way please do so, and THANK YOU for all your support.


African Serval Noah’s Needs Our Help
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Ban Cruel Dog Fighting Festival




Dog fighting is still legal in China and recently a dog fighting event held during the Lantern Festival saw 40 dogs forced to fight each other to the death. Urge Chinese authorities to make this cruel practice illegal.

Source: Ban Cruel Dog Fighting Festival

Don’t Allow Increased Whipping of Race Horses



California is planning on amending its current anti-whipping regulations to allow jockeys to whip their horses more. Horse racing is cruel and unnecessary; the least we can do is keep the whipping to a minimum. Demand California keep its current regulations.

Source: Don’t Allow Increased Whipping of Race Horses

World’s Loneliest Elephant, Now Dead, Deserves Justice

The world’s loneliest elephant, named Hanako, has died after living a life of isolation in a barren concrete enclosure. Elephants are highly intelligent, social and emotional animals that cannot handle such lonely conditions. Demand this zoo never force another animal to face such a miserable existence.

Source: World’s Loneliest Elephant, Now Dead, Deserves Justice

Thank Australia For Banning Cosmetic Testing on Animals



In 2018, Australia will no longer allow products tested on animals to be sold in stores. This is a huge step forward for the welfare of animals in the country and will save countless animals from a lifetime of pain and unnecessary death. Sign this petition to thank Australia for making the compassionate choice.

Source: Thank Australia For Banning Cosmetic Testing on Animals

Stop the Illegal Hunting and Killing of Deer



Mississippi residents are illegally hunting and killing deer as the animals flee rising flood waters. Sign this petition to ensure these criminals are punished to the fullest extent of the law for their actions.

Source: Stop the Illegal Hunting and Killing of Deer

Cancel Cruel Pig Wrestling Event



Pigs continue to be chased, tackled and assaulted in wrestling events organized by summer fairs. Demand that this cruel practice be stopped at once and replaced with humane attractions so pigs will no longer suffer for entertainment.

Source: Cancel Cruel Pig Wrestling Event

Shut Down Farm Horrifically Mistreating Chickens


Millions of chickens are routinely mistreated in a giant egg-producing factory farm. Footage shows hens sharing cramped cages with mummified corpses and chickens caught in wire, unable to reach food or water. Demand that this horrific facility be immediately closed for good.

Source: Shut Down Farm Horrifically Mistreating Chickens

Animals Found Dead and Malnourished at Shelter Deserve Justice


Dozens of dead and malnourished animals were reportedly found at an animal shelter. Some of the rescued animals were in such bad shape that they had to be euthanized. Demand that those responsible are harshly punished.

Source: Animals Found Dead and Malnourished at Shelter Deserve Justice

Protect Bears From Illegal Hunting


A man who plead guilty to illegally shooting a black bear and throwing its remains in a creek has been let off with a $99 fine. Demand that punishments for illegal hunting are increased in order to protect vulnerable wildlife.

Source: Protect Bears From Illegal Hunting

Shut Down Cruel Wool Farms


Sheep are being beaten, tortured, and killed at two major Chilean wool farms, according to a PETA investigation. Demand that these facilities are closed and that the sheep are transferred to sanctuaries.

Source: Shut Down Cruel Wool Farms

Shut Down Petting Zoo Where Hundreds of Animals Drowned


  1. Hundreds of animals drowned at a petting zoo during devastating floods, trapped in their cages and enclosures. Demand that this park be permanently shut down and strict rescue strategies be implemented in all captive animal facilities to prevent more needless deaths.

Source: Shut Down Petting Zoo Where Hundreds of Animals Drowned

Free SeaWorld Orca Who Beached Herself After Show

A severely distressed captive orca named Morgan beached herself after a performance, which is highly unusual and indicative of extreme stress. Demand that this tortured animal be released back into the ocean immediately.

Source: Free SeaWorld Orca Who Beached Herself After Show

Take action now! Urge President Obama to protect New England’s Ocean Treasures


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