Cali Shuts Down Crab Season “Indefinitely” Cites “Naturally-occurring Toxin,” but Whistleblowers Reveal Real Culprit Is Radiation

PLEASE SIGN PETITION TO  STOP Nuclear financing through the backdoor | Bankwatch


Source: Nuclear financing through the backdoor | Bankwatch

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Stop Taxpayer Funded Nuclear Backdoor Deal – Petition for Monday European Commission Meeting

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Nuclear financing through the backdoor
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The movement for a nuclear-free Europe is gaining momentum, and we need your support – will you add your voice to the groundswell and help power down dangerous reactors?

We’re partnering with friends at WeMove to petition the European Commission to drop a backdoor deal that could enable more public money for dangerous nukes. Let’s make clear we don’t agree to pay for a dangerous technology.


On Monday energy ministers will meet in Luxembourg to discuss a proposal that could pave the way for our taxpayer money to be diverted away from clean energy sources towards a nuclear future for Europe.

These types of plans are an example of the thinking that has kept the outdated reactor fleet in Ukraine on life support. And plans to give old nuclear reactors a new lease on life exist…

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