Shot Gorilla was Heroic ~ RIP Harambe

6 comments on “Shot Gorilla was Heroic ~ RIP Harambe

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  2. He did better than the female gorilla. Notice it was water and the boy was floating. He made sure the boys head was up and the boy was sitting properly. He never put the boys head underwater. I didn’t hear the boy screaming either. He seemed to understand. You would think that they would have found a way so that kids wouldn’t fall in by now. Why have a gorilla in a pit? When I was 2 my much older sibling and another kid lured me from the edge of the swimming pool and intentionally dunked me under water with no warning. They weren’t shot!

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  3. Glad there was a video, because when the story first broke, they claim that the gorilla attacked the boy and threw him up against the wall, clearly that’s a lie and the fencing they have is a joke…how they consider that safe is beyond my understanding,the zoo director should be fired, he has no right to be in that position!!!

    Yes, many siblings would be in big trouble if the laws apply to them the same as they do for animals…. they can be quite the Mischief Makers. 😇


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