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Petition update · 2 Min. Action for the Korean dogs in meat trade! New Tweet Sheets. ·


All Samsung/LG Retailers: Help Stop Heinous Butchering of Dogs in S. Korea-Boycott Samsung & LG!
by Angela Jeong · 52,583 supporters
Petition update
2 Min. Action for the Korean dogs in meat trade! New Tweet Sheets.
Angela Jeong
New York, NY

Jun 1, 2016 — Taking action to help fight the horrendous South Korean dog meat cruelty is easy.
Just click the below links to use our new tweet sheets to tweet quickly and easily!!! Thank you!

>>Update on the 300 puppies rescued by Nami Kim and her team<<<

We are now racing against time to raise the funds needed to redeem the dogs from slaughter, and to house and treat them while permanent homes are sought for them. Right now, we urgently need your help to save the dogs in this farm. Nami Kim’s team cannot do it alone, but your support will give these 300 beautiful dogs a second chance to live the life they have never known. Please DONATE what you can and share this page. Thank you.

Get the latest updates from the Nami Kim Team’s Facebook page:

*This fundraising is organized by Soi Dog for Nami Kim Team and your donation is tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law in the United States.

Compassion Through Action!

Calls for Action:
Call the South Korean Embassy and Consulate General Offices in your country:
Donate to Nami Kim Team Saving the Korean ‘Meat Dogs’:
Watch the trailer of documentary: “Man bites dog in South Korea” –
San Francisco 6/5/16 – StopKoreanTorture
San Francisco 6/5/16 – StopKoreanTorture
Event organized by KoreanDogs to share awareness and collect signatures about the terrible dog meat trade in South Korea…


Korea smiles and the world smiles back???
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All Samsung/LG Retailers: Help Stop…
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