The Story of Hanako the Elephant


UPDATE~ Petition Is Closed ~”Hanako”Japan’s Oldest and Loneliest Elephant has Died!

Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo: Hanako lives for 61 years alone in a concrete prison! Give her a real life or send her to a sanctuary!
I have some sad news to share with you. Hanako, Japan’s oldest and loneliest elephant, has died. After meeting with animal welfare experts and receiving the Care2 petition with over 469,000 signatures, the Inokashira Park Zoo had agreed to make modifications to Hanako’s enclosure so that she’d be more comfortable. Unfortunately, she died before they could make the changes.

Hanako is a 69-year-old Asian elephant who has lived in shameful conditions at the Inokashira Park Zoo in Tokyo for the past 67 years. She was transported in 1949 from Thailand to Japan when she was just two years old, to what would become her life-long prison. And ‘prison,’ is not an exaggeration.

Blogger Ulara Nakagawa saw Hanako while visiting the zoo, and was shocked to see the conditions of her confinement. Ulara writes in her blog that it looks like “one of the cruellest, most archaic zoos in the modern world.” Hanako is completely alone in a tiny cement enclosure with nothing to comfort her or provide stimulation. She just stands there, appearing almost lifeless , since there is nothing else for her to do. It was beyond painful for Ulara to take in Hanako’s pitiful situation.

To add insult to injury, the Inokashira Park Zoo is located in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Tokyo and part of a public park known for being the home of the popular Ghibli Museum. This means that hundreds of thousands of global tourists have seen Hanako in her concrete prison and done nothing to help her.

Rest In Peace Hanako

Save the Ocean’s Giant Fish


Giant fish species are vanishing from the coral reefs that depend on them, according to a recent study. Sign our petition to urge the Philippines’ government to intervene and save these essential species from extinction.

Source: Save the Ocean’s Giant Fish

Make Animal Cruelty a Felony


Animal abusers will no longer be able to escape with meager punishments if a new bill in Ohio is passed. Demand that this bill be signed into law so that innocent animals can receive protection from malicious owners.

Source: Make Animal Cruelty a Felony

Protect Endangered Ocelot From Cruel Snares and Traps


The endangered ocelot is dying due to the use of cruel snares and traps. The traps are part of an effort to control predatory animals, but they end up killing innocent animals in the process. Take a stand for the ocelot and support a ban on snares and traps.

Source: Protect Endangered Ocelot From Cruel Snares and Traps

Free Tiger With Terminal Cancer Imprisoned For College’s Football Games



A tiger diagnosed with cancer is being kept in a cage and used as a mascot at football games. Demand this animal be released to a sanctuary, and stop the use of live animals as mascots.

Source: Free Tiger With Terminal Cancer Imprisoned For College’s Football Games

Camel bites off its owner’s HEAD

Very Important Petition – Help Sultan, Amal and Many Others – Please Crosspost.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Please we need to help Amal by getting as many signatures on this petition as we can – please crosspost thank you.   SAV.


get involved 2Petition 2

Petition Link –

1./ This petition is about to help more than Sultan, if you check on the fb page of Tommy at Jarjeer Mules Foundation, you will find that we are also talking about 22 horses, 12 camels, 4 ponies, 3 donkeys and 5 dogs, starved by the owner.

2./ All the updates are in this page. It is a very serious British charitie. Even the Spana Marrakech has tried to save the animals when there where in the road during days without food nor water.

3./ The Spana Marrakech pushed and they got the Municipality paper to take them. The night before the owner came to take them to a private place. The Moroccan law unfortunately can not be applied, anymore as the animals…

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Exposed: Despite ‘Responsible Down Standards,’ Farms Still Live-Plucking Geese



‘Humane’ down suppliers to Eddie Bauer, Lands’ End, and Hollander Sleep Products are linked to live plucking of geese.

Source: Exposed: Despite ‘Responsible Down Standards,’ Farms Still Live-Plucking Geese

Dog Dragged Behind Truck and Killed Deserves Justice


A dog was reportedly tied to a truck and dragged down the road. The helpless animal cried as the cruel driver tortured it to death. This has become a common form of animal cruelty and it must be stopped. Demand that this man be sentenced to the maximum extent, if guilty.

Source: Dog Dragged Behind Truck and Killed Deserves Justice

Stop Bayer-Monsanto Merger Into Toxic Mega Corporation



A massive pharmaceutical company is trying to buy Monsanto, creating one mega corporation that will have an incredible amount of control over what the common people put into their bodies. Sign our petition to stand up against food monopolies.

Source: Stop Bayer-Monsanto Merger Into Toxic Mega Corporation

Protect Race Horses From Mistreatment



Two horses died at a recent horse racing event. Fatalities are frequent in the horse racing industry, as owners often over-medicate their horses in the weeks before a race. Sign this petition to demand the establishment of national standards that will provide greater care for the welfare of horses in the racing industry.

Source: Protect Race Horses From Mistreatment

Stop Egregious Attacks on Wildlife


An anti-wildlife bill that would allow hunting in national parks, de-regulate lead ammunition, and halt protections for elephants abroad was passed by the House earlier this year. Now members of Congress seek to attach this egregious bill to an important energy act in an effort to force it into law. Demand this bill be stopped in its tracks.

Source: Stop Egregious Attacks on Wildlife

No Coal Plants in Tiger Habitat – Social Media Alert #SaveSundarbans


A giant energy corporation wants to build coal-burning power plants near the world’s largest mangrove forest, the Sundarbans. The Sundarbans functions as a sanctuary for many endangered species and as a major resource for local people. Help stop the company’s destructive plans.

Source: No Coal Plants in Tiger Habitat – Social Media Alert #SaveSundarbans

25 Practical Uses for Coca-cola, Proof It Should Not Be In Human Body


Coca-cola is the biggest brand in the history of brands and products and surveys have suggested that it is the most popular world after ‘hello’—now imagine that! If it is the second most popular word in the world then almost everyone in the world must have coca-cola on them almost at all times—this is a scary reality because it is a proven fact now that Coca-cola is absolutely bad for your body. The chemical cocktail that you drink for refreshment is practically killing your metabolism since its acidity level matches the acidity levels of the battery acid.
This stomach lining killing poison is associated with diseases like, cardiac arrest, stroke, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, etc. and is especially bad for young children as it interferes with the balanced diet, rather than complementing it.

It is said that people who consume this fizzy poison inculcate dependence on caffeine and deficiency of important minerals like calcium, magnesium, and vitamin A. Don’t take us wrong, we still believe that Coca-cola is a very useful drink—although not for the body but there are many other fantastic uses for it that after knowing them you might start purchasing it all the more than before!


Bog Groomer: Cleaning the toilet is the most tedious of the tasks and let’s be honest, no one really wants to do it—no one but your friendly fizzy partner Coca-cola. All you have to do is pour the drink in the commode and wait for an hour before you scrub with a brush and flush—now you have got yourself a sparkling toilet!


Stubborn Stains—Thing of the Past!: If you don’t want to buy really expensive stain removers, take some of that Coca-cola and pour it in the wash along with the detergent. The stains will be removed and your clothes will be deodorized! All thanks to the carbonic and phosphoric acid inside the carbonated drink.


Window Cleaner: By now we know that Coca-cola has magic cleaning powers—one more thing that it can clean efficiently is window. Because of the presence of the citric acid in the drink, it makes a wonderful window cleaner and works the same way as citrus fruit based window cleaners work.

Bug Slayer: All kinds of bugs are big Coca-cola fans like us—they simply love the sweet fizzy wonder but without knowing that it can destroy them and they will be pushing up daises if they try to consume it. You can spray the drink on ant hills and cockroaches in your cupboards and get rid of them!

Color Fader: You can use the drink on your hair if you dyed your hair many shades darker than you wanted. Coca-cola is known for its quality of fading the color on hair; so the next time your hair gets dyed in a disastrous way, do not panic or run off to your expensive stylist but in fact open the refrigerator and grab that Coca-cola can and let it do the work!


Gum Remover: If a gum has been stuck to your hair and you think that the only way to get rid of it is to get an unwanted haircut then you do not have to worry anymore! Just pour some coke on the gum and let it sit for a few minutes, you will see that it becomes easier for you to pick that gum off your hair.
Pain Neutralizer: If you have been bitten by a bug, strung by a bee or a jellyfish then you do not have to panic in pain, just pour some of the dark fizzy drink on the affected area and your pain will be neutralized in seconds, thanks to the chemicals in Coca-cola.

Dish Washer: If your pots are all blackened, pour some of the wonder fizz into them and let it sit for a few minutes. The chemicals in the drink will fight the grime and loosen it, then you can easily scrub it out and your pots will again be clean and shiny!


Rust Fighter: If you want to get rid of the gross rust then dip that object into a mug full of fresh coke or if the object is too big then soak a cloth in coke and try to rub the rust out. The phosphoric acid in the drink will cause the corrosion process and the rust will loosen and can be easily taken off from the affected object.

Pesticide in the Fields: In India, some farmers use coca-cola instead of pesticides for pest termination, because it’s cheaper and the result is totally rewarding. It is said that the high sugar content of the drinks can make them efficient in fighting pests, which is of course denied by the company since they say that there is nothing in the drink that can be used as a pesticide. But the technique is an in-vogue trend in the Indian farming scenario.

Defroster: Coca-cola can defrost the ice that settles on your windshield in the winters. Just pour the drink and let it settle for a few minutes and the ice will eventually come off on its own.

Puts off Bugs: If you get too many bugs in your vicinity or your garden is full of them but it is hard to catch them then put few open cans of coke in your garden or near the window and let the bugs get attracted to the can. Once they sat on it then you can catch them easily.


Odor Killer: You no longer have to endure that skunk smell; if you have been sprayed by the animal then do not fret with deodorants, perfumes and body washes, just get into the shower and pour the drink on the affected area and you will get rid of the problem almost instantly.

Gardening Tool: It comes handy in the lawn as well; if you pour a can every week into your compost bin then it will strengthen the growth of the microorganisms that will later on help in making your lawn healthy and blooming.


Cola Fun: So what if you cannot drink it, you can still have some fun with it—take a liter bottle of Diet Coke and put some Mentos in it and you have got yourself a lovely cola fountain!
Source:         .

Shiny Monies: If you are a coin collector you will love this tip—you can dip your pennies in a mug full of Coca-cola and leave them there for a bit. When you will take out your coins you will see that they are shiny and new again.

The Hairstylist: You can make your hair curly by pouring some flat coke on them and then rinsing it off after letting it sit for a few minutes (make sure you do rinse it off, for you do not want your hair to look sticky!).

The Beautician: Mix a tablespoon of flat Coca-cola into your usual moisturizer and massage the cream on to your skin. Your skin will glow and become smoother.

Paint Remover: If your furniture has been stained with paint then grab a towel and soak it in coke and rub it out. Make sure you wash it off with soap water later so that the stickiness of the drink is removed.


Putrefied Battery Cleaner: The drink’s slight acidity as compared to a Basic, when poured on the battery does not dilute battery acid (H2SO4), which is quite acidic—which means that it can be used to clean-up corroded batteries. So if you are stuck in the desert and you have to clean the car battery but you have nothing on you but Coca-cola (although we wonder why you would still carry it after reading the article?) you can use it as a cleaner.


The Loosener: You can use coke to loosen those tight and rusted bolts. Pour some of it on the bolt and let it sit there for a while, after that remove it with water and you will notice that the bolt will be much looser than before.

Enemy of the Oil: It can remove any kind of oil stains from the floor or the kitchen slab. Use the same old method—pour it on the affected area, let it sit for sometime and later wipe if off with scrub and water.

Pool Cleaner: You can make your pool rust free and shiny in a matter of minutes by pouring two liters of coke into the pool and letting it sit for a while. When you will clear it up you will see a huge difference in the appearance of your pool.

Crime Cola: Coca-cola is famous for being used for removal of the blood stains from clothes, furniture, carpet, walls and floor. It is also said that it is used as an important cleaning agent while cleaning a crime scene, although it is not known for sure.

Vintage Cola: You can give your photographs or a sheet of paper old and antique look with Coca-cola. All you have to do is dip a picture or piece of paper in a dish full of coke and let it soak for a second. Take it out and leave it for drying and you will end up with a vintage looking photograph.

After knowing these wonderful things about Coca-cola we bet you must be regretting drinking all that coke and slow poisoning yourself, and also, throwing away all of the rest from the party last night! But now you know better, so the next time you have that big party and you have to serve it because aunt Jenna absolutely insists on it, then save yourself and your family from the atrocities of drinking it but still, collect all of the waste coke and pour it into one big container to clean off the rust or shine the pots or relieve that stomach ache!

Hopefully you got a broader perspective on Coca-cola and are aware of all the wonderful ‘parallel’ uses of it now, because you might shun it as a drink but still can take benefits from its diverse uses!

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“We’re really excited,” Comedian Jon Stewart’s wife says about adopting Lily the horse | WPMT FOX43

imageWatch Touching Video

Horse hit with 100 paintballs ‘Lily,’ adopted by former Daily Show host Jon Stewart | WPMT FOX43


LANCASTER COUNTY, PA- A Rhode Island man was convicted Friday of all counts regarding transportation of a lame horse to the New Holland Sales Stables for auction.

Following a trial in New Holland, 65-year-old Philip Price Jr. was convicted of 5 summary counts regarding his handling of Lily, a pony mare who received extensive treatment.

Hartman was ordered to pay $3,056 in fines and $10,178 in restitution for Lily’s recovery-care costs.

Price is prohibited from doing future business at New Holland Sales Stables, the judge ordered.

Assistant District Attorney Christine L. Wilson presented witnesses and evidence that Lily was very thin and blind when dropped off March 14 at the New Holland Sales Stables on West Fulton Street.

Wilson called to testify doctors who cared for Lily, Susan Martin of Lancaster County SPCA, and a manager from the auction. Also, Wilson played a surveillance video from the auction that shows Price dropping off the horse.

“The Commonwealth is satisfied that justice was served and the defendant was held accountable for his inhumane conduct regarding the horse,” Wilson said afterward.

Lancaster County SPCA investigated the case. New Holland police Detective Lt. Jonathan Heisse filed the charges and testified Friday.

Price, of East Providence, R.I., was convicted of 3 counts of animal cruelty, a single count of dealing and handling animals without a license, and a single count of importing animals without an interstate health certificate.

The horse was transported from a location in New Jersey to the auction site.

The three cruelty charges regard Price’s neglect of Lily, the transport of the horse, and her being offered for sale.

Lily also had paint markings all over her body. It hasn’t been determined how those markings were made.

Lily was cared for at Penn Vet New Bolton Center in Kennett Square. Her condition has improved and she has gained weight.

Jon Stewart’s wife, Tracey McShane, a former veterinary technician and animal advocate, came to visit Lily in April according to the Lancaster County SPCA.

The couple then decided to adopt Lily and bring her to their farm sanctuary for abused animals in New Jersey.

Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will not reopen! ·


Kansas State Senate: Don’t let brutal greyhound racing start up again in Kansas!
by GREY2K USA Worldwide · 118,107 supporters
Petition update
Victory! Kansas dog tracks will not reopen!
GREY2K USA Worldwide

May 25, 2016 — Today I bring you great news! The Kansas legislature rejected the bid to re-open the state’s three closed dog tracks as racinos (racetrack casinos). Thanks to everyone who signed this petition, contacted their lawmakers and helped spread the word that the cruelty of greyhound racing belongs in the past. Read more here:

AZ just banned dog racing, KS can do it too!

This petition made change with 118,107 supporters!


ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

Outside, professionally manufactured anti-Trump signs were being held by amateurs, many of which were legal immigrants and most likely illegal immigrants.  I say illegal with great confidence; we are after all talking about Albuquerque, New Mexico.     The Mexican flag was seen in greater number than the American flag.  Go figure that one out……you come to this country for a new life but still want to live under the Mexican flag?   NO!  I saw pictures to of the American flag being burnt.  You wonder why you are being met with resistance.  Hey illegal, you might want to start out waving the American flag…..your presence would be a little bit more acceptable.

The event outside the Trump rally last night is being called a violent protest by media.   The protest was an organized protest.  Organizers provided the professionally made signs.   The problem here; they put those signs in…

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petition: Stop polar bear hunting as a sport!



Don’t Evict Woman for Feeding Stray Cats


A woman is being evicted with no prior warning because she’s been feeding homeless cats in the area. The mobile home company would rather trap the cats and put them in kill shelters. Sign our petition to demand that this woman be allowed to stay in her home of 21 years.

Source: Don’t Evict Woman for Feeding Stray Cats

Amazon Must Stop Selling Animal Parts and Cruel Hunting Equipment


Amazon continues to sell snares and traps as well as cruelly obtained live and dead animals. Tell the company to ban the sale of hunting devices and animal specimens, thus taking away support from the cruel hunting and wildlife trade.

Source: Amazon Must Stop Selling Animal Parts and Cruel Hunting Equipment

Don’t Turn Pigs Into Human Organ Farms


Scientists want to breed pigs with human organs, then slaughter the animals to conduct organ transplants. Urge researchers not to perform this extremely cruel procedure and to find a humane solution to the human organ shortage.

Source: Don’t Turn Pigs Into Human Organ Farms

Lions Needlessly Murdered by Zoo Deserve Justice


Two lions were shot and killed by zoo staff when a man broke into their enclosure to allegedly incite them to attack him. Security could have acted faster to stop the man or used tranquilizers to pacify the animals. Demand that authorities to investigate this incident and acknowledge the cruelty and danger of keeping wild animals captive.

Source: Lions Needlessly Murdered by Zoo Deserve Justice

Punish Man for Jumping Into Lion Enclosure While Drunk



A drunk man reportedly jumped into a lion enclosure and antagonized the animal, narrowly escaping an attack. Video shows him attempting to shake the lion’s hand. Take a stand for all zoo animals and demand the harshest possible penalty for this trespasser.

Source: Punish Man for Jumping Into Lion Enclosure While Drunk

Woman Charged With Killing Dog to Fake Miscarriage Must be Prosecuted Vigorously


A woman is accused of killing her husband’s dog and using its blood to fake a miscarriage for a pregnancy that never existed. Demand justice for this Chihuahua puppy, which was found mutilated and dead in a trash can.

Source: Woman Charged With Killing Dog to Fake Miscarriage Must be Prosecuted Vigorously

Petition · It should be illegal for politicians to take donations from lobbyists. ·


Petition · Matson Navigation: Stop shipping live pigs from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii for slaughter ·


Suspend Oil Drilling After Another Massive Spill


Another oil spill has poisoned the Gulf of Mexico, at a time when the Gulf has still not recovered from the massive BP spill of 2010. Apparently nothing has changed since that disaster. Demand that all drilling in these waters be stopped.

Source: Suspend Oil Drilling After Another Massive Spill

Petition · Dianne Feinstein: Stop Breed Specific Legislations (BSL) ·