Up to 20 USA uneconomic nuclear stations soon to close


piggy-bank--nuke-sadEconomics Point Toward Closure for Up To 20 U.S. Nukes, The Energy Mix, May 24, 2016 A leading nuclear industry lobby group in the United States says its members aren’t being paid enough for their power, threatening the shutdown of 15 to 20 generating stations in the country………

Speaking at a U.S. Department of Energy summit last week, Marvin Fertel, president and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute, said more than a dozen plants face possible early closure because they are uneconomic at today’s market wholesale power rates……..

The message appears to have reached U.S. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, who told the summit that “the importance of incentivizing continued [nuclear] operation is very clear. Solutions are less clear.”

Earlier this month, the Omaha Public Power District proposed closing its 478-MW Fort Calhoun nuclear plant, the smallest in the U.S., and the Tennessee Valley Authority gave up on its unfinished Bellefonte nuclear…

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2 comments on “Up to 20 USA uneconomic nuclear stations soon to close

  1. Now this is where people really need to start being vigilant so that the radioactive rubble isn’t just buried as part of dismantlement, as is now happening.

    Also, in case anyone wants to sign this peition. It doesn’t have to be Europeans. This European Comm seems to be finding a way to help prop up French state owned Areva and EDF who are major US menaces too. https://miningawareness.wordpress.com/2016/06/04/stop-taxpayer-funded-nuclear-backdoor-deal-petition-for-monday-european-commission-meeting Areva makes US nuclear fuel, and along with CBI-Shaw they are the builder of the late and overpriced US government funded MOX facility (taxpayer fleece). They are also involved in trying to set up a massive spent nuclear fuel parking lot in west Texas, along with WCS. They don’t even plan to put a cover on it. It’s just a parking lot with old casks of spent nuclear fuel. The smoke from the Alberta wildfires crossed the Atlantic and arrived in Europe. This shows that even if you aren’t in west Texas you should worry about this waste.

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