Demand Harsher Punishment for Teens Who Brutally Killed Opossum

Two teenagers reportedly ran over an opossum, snapping its spine and causing its organs to hang from its body as it tried to escape. They plead guilty, but were let off with probation and fines. Demand that this disgusting injustice be righted and the men be given a harsher sentence.

Source: Demand Harsher Punishment for Teens Who Brutally Killed Opossum

Justice for Dog Dragged to Death


please sign this petition to, let’s get Justice for Hailey

A 9-year-old pit bull died after being reportedly dragged from a pickup truck by her owner. Demand the harshest punishment for this man, including a jail sentence and a lifetime ban on owning pets.

Source: Justice for Dog Dragged to Death

Stop Using Live Tigers as Mascots at Louisiana State University


Louisianat State University has used live tigers as mascots for over 70 years and now, more and more universities are hiring big cats for special events. These animals are crammed into tiny cages and subjected to poor conditions. Louisiana State University must stop this tradition and help protect these beautiful cats.

Source: Stop Using Live Tigers as Mascots at Louisiana State University

Protect the Migratory Bird Treaty Act – American Bird Conservancy


Take action now! Protect Nevada’s piece of the Grand Canyon


petition: Disney: tell fans to find Dory, not buy her


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