Protect Race Horses From Mistreatment



Two horses died at a recent horse racing event. Fatalities are frequent in the horse racing industry, as owners often over-medicate their horses in the weeks before a race. Sign this petition to demand the establishment of national standards that will provide greater care for the welfare of horses in the racing industry.

Source: Protect Race Horses From Mistreatment

7 comments on “Protect Race Horses From Mistreatment

  1. I will add some info. Two horses died during The Preakness card and another in CA. The one that would be possibly considered maltreated HomeboyKris. A horse I know well. I almost claimed him myself 6 years ago. Horses that are gelded often do run to and past 10. He was not over raced though. I have seen many horses in perfect health have something happen in a race, before or after it. The horse in CA I will not mention the name as I feel that horse was neglected and I have seen and heard of horses getting medicated only and they are not eating or drinking. A horse needs a certain amount of both and many do not get offered the minimum. But each track, based on tracks and their purses get different prices on stabling, hay, straw and food prices. Some trainers charge 100 a day and some charge half and vet bills vary a lot also. But a 10 year old named Ben’s Cat, who has on paper run 3xs in 25 starts went without placing in the top 5 in consecutive races and then poof he wins and sometimes has big years. Some horses love to run. HomeBoyKris I thought was retired but I was worried about Ben’s Cat and he did what he has done before.


    • Horse racing along with dog racing is a money maker for the owners ,trainers and the veterinarians, everyone else loses especially the animals!!!


      • Dog racing is the worst, especially for the owner. I will break it down. A typical dog is purchased for 5-6k. The owner pays rental to a trainer and a vet and a dog runs sometimes twice to three times a week. If a dog is decent and runs for a 5k purse, the winner gets 2500 and of that 60 % on top of the monthly training fee and the 10% trainers winning fee are there. Plus the dogs are crated in crates for dogs half their size and they do not have much human interaction and are trained by machine or basically a merry go round. Dogs not winning half the time are given away to Greyhound communities but that is about 20% and the rest are run into the ground. I wanted to be a vet as a kid after I grew 6 inches one summer but I could not deal with not just the death and injury but the common ok I put a horse down, cut it open to show the injury followed by let’s go get lunch made me ill. Horses on the other hand can be bargain bought for 5k and up into the millions. Many top trainers, saying the top 5 get 20 million dollars of new horses in their stables every year and are given awards for breaking even. My grandfather used to find homes for his horses, he owned most of them himself and 2 friends and he averaged earnings that were triple what was spent. The feed guys at big tracks make out like bandits. In the sticks they charge 10xs less than at a big track for the same material. The first time I held a horse that was being put down and the coldness of seeing a horses eyes roll back and he jumped up felt like I lost my best friend. I routinely went to the barn every night. I brought snacks. I also checked them nightly, temperature, food eaten, torn bandages and how they rested. I had many favorites I would take out to roll around in the pastures. Many barns do not do that and it is a known way for a horse to work kinks out. There are a small amount of horses that do well. Those like American Pharaoh was sold for 40 million and he already has earned 3/4th of that covering less than half the mares he is up for. Horses like Ben’s Cat will become the pet of the barn when he retires but these are two different sided and just the ones getting out in good order. Wise Dan is the leading gelding of all time and his owner retired him to the number one farm for retired horses. He had emergency colic and came back to win at his own pace. They did not like something and they retired him. Another that was lucky. A friend had a horse that was like a pet to him. He routinely had the horse at his home. He ran in a stake race where he was the favorite on Thanksgiving 5 years ago and I had a bad feeling. He was the third horse to break down in the identical spot in three back to back races. The difference between the two is while there are lots of dog races you never hear about them. They are treated horribly and have no big days for them. Some horses get treated horribly for insurance money. A horse my grandfather had 5 years and he was like a pet got claimed and the new trainer got him injured and he tied him to a tree for ten days until he died and the trainer for was given a lifetime ban. The ban was lifted 6 years ago and he has been among the leading NY trainers since despite break downs. Big horse trainers just roll a new one into their barn, they have 200 horses. If I was given a fraction I would treat them as if they were family. Anything I did not like as a kid I would bring up and my grandfather scratched them at my discretion. I was very good at knowing them. I do miss them. Especially when you bond with them. I found that more fun than racing. But then again I am a jock, pet person and a bit of a nerd. I would rather watch over a sick horse than a movie.

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          • I had such a connection with them if they had bad habits I advised the jockeys and I gently walked them at a fast clip for them to work out of their habits that would hurt them. I always brought them apples and carrots. In retrospect my grandfather’s stable was primarily claimers or former stakes horses that became claimers. I got lucky to have some that ran well but stayed with us until retired, which is hard to pull off. I had many after doing my voluntary rounds I would lay with them in their stall. Some liked being talked to, some a lullaby and I would sneak out. But my bond also was kindred as I would get a look from them. They let me know it was their time. I liked that.

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