Petition update · We won!!!! ·


ALDI Australia: chickens are mutilated and neglected in these cruel factory farms – please stop selling cage eggs now!
by Angelina Popovski · 97,088 supporters
Petition update
We won!!!!
Angelina Popovski
Alphington, Australia

May 25, 2016 — Are you ready for this?

We won!!!!

I’ve just heard that Aldi Australia have promised they’ll stop selling eggs laid by hens who suffer for their whole lives in awful battery cages.

Way to go Aldi OZ! This means they’ve finally caught up with their stores in the US and Germany that have already committed to stop selling cruel cage eggs.

Massive congratulations to everyone! When I started this petition, I really had no idea where it would end. I just had hope. But as more and more people joined the movement – and then when Animals Australia kicked in behind it – I got way more confident that, together, we really could change the world in a big way for hens.

This whole movement started out with just my name on this petition – then suddenly it grew and we were making news headlines, people were staging protests outside of Aldi stores, flooding their Facebook page with pleas for kindness, and who can forget Animals Australia’s amazing posters popping up in Aldi carparks! I mean WOW!

I know sometimes people sign online petitions and think “that’s that” – but we’ve proved otherwise. This incredible win shows that if we stay strong, get creative, be consistent, never give up and, most importantly, keep on being kind, there’s no end to what we can achieve for animals.

Thank you so much for being part of this with me. I couldn’t have done it without you. Now, there are plenty more supermarkets we can ask to free hens from cages – I’m already thinking on who we should ask nicely first. I hope you’ll stick with me so we can keep on changing the world for hens ☺

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ALDI has a strong obligation to its customers, suppliers and the wider community to deliver great value products responsibly. We’ve listened to our…

ALDI, heating up:
Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 97,088 supporters!

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