Petition update · #BREAKING Video of captive wild horses from BLM’s Fallon closed facility ·


Bring emergency shelter and shade to captive wild horses and burros
by Protect Mustangs · 41,862 supporters
Petition update
#BREAKING Video of captive wild horses from BLM’s Fallon closed facility
Protect Mustangs

May 20, 2016 — See it for yourself! Click here to watch a video clip:

Protect Mustangs was on the BLM’s rare tour of the closed to the public (yet tax-payer funded) Indian Lakes Fallon short-term processing and facility today, May 20, 2016.

Foals are born hidden away in captivity instead of in the #wild. How many foals died there after the recent Oregon and Nevada roundups? Do they count the dead foals?

The Department of Interior/BLM seems to have blown off our January 29th offer to find adoptive homes and or sanctuaries for all the captive pregnant wild mares from the Beatys Butte Oregon Roundup who were moved to the facility in Fallon. Why?

Do they want to use them in wicked experiments for population control?

All those wild mares and their foals could have adoptive homes by now. . . You have to ask yourself this: Why is BLM preventing adoptions yet they are mandated to adopt out wild horses before taking other measures?

We all must press forward and get America’s mustangs to safe places! So many wild horses need adoptive homes ASAP. Send us an email if you want to help! VISIT our website for a lot of information Use the search bar to research topics.

Share this petition widely with the video They need shade and shelter in the captive pens!

From the Team at Protect Mustangs
a member of the Coalition for Wild Horses & Burros


Roundups, Sterilizations & Experiments on Wild Horses before the #Fracking Boom Hits Nevada?
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41,862 supporters
68,138 needed to reach 110,000

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