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Success! Colin the Dog Is Back Home With His Family

By: Frances Donnelly
May 17, 2016

Colin, a soft and loving family pet, was seized from his home in January and faced a death sentence simply for being the wrong breed. Overly simplistic Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in the UK means that dogs can be taken from their homes and even killed, based solely on their appearance.

Gentle Colin, who is ‘best mates’ with his family’s seven-year-old daughter, has never bitten anyone. He has never been dangerous or violent. Yet Colin was taken away, locked up, and scheduled to be destroyed. His owners were distraught, but they fought back. Working with anti-BSL campaigner Diane Coles, they created a Care2 petition to bring Colin home. More than 69,000 Care2 members signed to support Colin and his family.
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After months of heartache and worry, Colin got his day in court, and was thankfully added to the Index of Exempted Dogs. Now he is finally back home with his loved ones!

This is a great outcome not only for Colin and his owners, but also for anti-BSL campaigners throughout the UK. Too many dogs are being needlessly put to sleep under BSL’s rigid restrictions. Fortunately, petitions like the one Colin’s family created are helping to increase public awareness and concern, which in turn is helping to build the case for updated and fit-for-purpose legislation.

While Colin’s trial under BSL has ended with his being added to the Index of Exempted Dogs, it is only on very strict terms. He must always wear a muzzle in public, even in a car, and his owners must have up-to-date insurance. Any failure to comply will result in Colin being put to sleep. This ruling reflects how rigid BSL is in even the most winnable cases for the gentlest of dogs.

Colin’s story is part of the bigger fight against BSL — a fight for hundreds more dogs like Colin. Anti-BSL campaigners like Diane say it’s now time for the UK to replace breed-specific legislation with more humane and sensible legislation that doesn’t put families and their dogs through cruel incarcerations, stressful court cases and needless deaths. Fellow UK Care2 member Phil has started his own petition urging the the Right Honorable Liz Truss, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to repeal this ineffectual, discriminatory legislation now. His petition is making a deep impression among Care2 members, as more than 107,000 people have signed so far. Thanks to many committed activists all over the world, things are changing, with BSL outlawed in 19 US states, including Massachusetts. Phil’s petition could help bring about many more happy stories in the UK.

Colin, for now, is enjoying life with his family, and they are overjoyed to have their sweet and loving companion back home where he belongs.

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Radiation and Cataracts in Birds at Chernobyl

Mining Awareness +

Rouge gorge familier - crop (WB correction)
European Robin (Erithacus rubecula) by Pierre Selim via wikimedia
Very sad. Bird eyes with cataracts:
Bird Cataracts Chernobyl in Mousseau and Moeller, 2013
(k) robin (Erithacus rubecula), significant haze on cornea
Photographs of selected eyes from Chernobyl birds
From: Mousseau TA, Møller AP (2013) “Elevated Frequency of Cataracts in Birds from Chernobyl”

Lucky for us some few are still doing serious academic research. If animals can’t see well, with some exceptions, they can’t find food and die, or can more easily be killed by predators. The frequency and severity of cataracts increases with background radiation. In the abstract below “reduced fitness” means they are unfit for survival! Overall, increasing radiation was related to fewer birds, suggesting “effects of radiation on other diseases, food abundance and interactions with other species. There was no increase in incidence of cataracts with increasing age…”. Cataracts in humans at Chernobyl and elsewhere are also discussed:

Mousseau TA, Møller AP (2013) “

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Another alleged grizzly-polar bear hybrid shot but it’s not a sign of climate change


CBC News this morning (“Grolar or pizzly? Experts say rare grizzly-polar bear hybrid shot in Nunavut: Expert says interbreeding may be happening more frequently due to climate change“) suggests that a putative grizzly x polar bear hybrid bear shot outside Arviat in Western Hudson Bay is a sign of climate change, based on an interview with a black bear expertfrom Minnesota.

Hybrid pb shot in Arviat_CBC 18 May 2016

This bogus claim has been busted so many times it’s a wonder it still arises – even polar bear specialist Ian Stirling has said flat out that such hybrids are not due to climate change. On top of that, some of the details regarding this putative hybrid make me want to wait for confirmation from DNA testing before adding it to the roster of known hybrids.
Location of Arviat, courtesy Google maps:

Arviat with Churchill_Google maps

The CBC story reported:

“An odd-looking bear shot last week by…

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Justice for Baby Crow Allegedly Beaten With Sticks


A baby crow was reportedly attacked by a group of boys who beat it with sticks, even as the bird’s family screamed from the tree above. Someone intervened, but the bird may not survive. Demand that these people be charged and punished for this senseless violence.

Source: Justice for Baby Crow Allegedly Beaten With Sticks

Tourists Accused of Killing Extremely Rare Fish Must be Punished



Three men allegedly trampled through the incredibly rare and endangered Devil’s Hole pupfish’s habitat, killing one. Only 115 remain on Earth. Demand these men be punished for their callous behavior.

Source: Tourists Accused of Killing Extremely Rare Fish Must be Punished

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Cancel Inhumane Monkey Rodeo


A stadium is planning on hosting several events dubbed “Cowboy Monkey Rodeo.” At these events, a monkey is forced into a costume and strapped to a dog while the dog sprints around a track. This event is frightful and cruel for the monkeys and completely unnecessary. Sign this petition and demand the rodeos are cancelled.

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Justice for Dog Allegedly Killed by Groomer



A dog is dead after leaving a grooming office bleeding from the mouth and struggling to breathe. Demand that the groomer allegedly responsible is fired and that hiring practices are improved to ensure that cruel people like these cannot handle animals.

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Justice for Baby Bison Euthanized Because Tourists Put Him in Their Car


A bison calf at Yellowstone had to be euthanized after tourists loaded him into their vehicle and, as a result, was rejected by his herd when authorities attempted to reunite them. Shockingly, the tourists were only issued a small fine. Demand that they be properly penalized for this innocent animal’s death.

Source: Justice for Baby Bison Euthanized Because Tourists Put Him in Their Car

Justice for Cat Shot Twenty Times


A cat was shot twenty times and suffered two broken legs in an apparently deliberate act of horrifying cruelty. The perpetrator is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

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Shut Down “Death Zoo” After Crying Elephant Dies


Yani the elephant, who was seen crying as she died with her body covered in sores, has become the latest victim of the “Death Zoo.” Demand that this careless and inhumane facility be shut down.

Source: Shut Down “Death Zoo” After Crying Elephant Dies

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