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Tell  Sister City, Seoul, S. Korea, That We’re Opposed to the Torture and Consumption of Dogs and Cats.
by Isabel S. Han · 28,669 supporters
Petition update
‘Street of Horror’ Dog slaughterhouses in the heart of Seoul, South Korea!
Isabel S. Han
Washington, DC

May 17, 2016 — Click to watch video or read:

In the center of Seoul, Korea is an alley known as “Health Food Center Alley.” One side of the alley is filled with tiny black metal cages. Inside those tiny black metal cages are dogs huddled together, awaiting their fate. Next to those cages are piles of dog meat.

Pass by plastic bags filled with intestinal organs to be thrown away and you enter the slaughterhouse itself. The floor is covered with garbage and grime. Scattered around are many tools of the trade, including the fur removal drum.

“Is this old?” asks the undercover reporter. “No, I just butchered it earlier,” he responds. With no sanitation gloves on his hands, he grabs the piece of meat and shows it to the reporter. It weighs 6.5 Geun, the Korean unit of weight (1 Geun = 600 g, 1.232 lbs), he tells the reporter, and costs 7,500 won per Geun.

TV Chosun, a Korean cable tv channel, has reported on dog slaughterhouses in Seoul and the impact they have on local residents. Slaughterhouses are being openly operated in the heart of the city, and nearby residents are suffering from the noise of barking dogs and the stench of the slaughter; sanitation at the slaughterhouses is in complete disarray.

This alley is filled with these slaughterhouses.

A passerby from Jongam-dong, Seoul says that he can’t describe the feeling. People who pass this alley, he says, probably feel nauseous just from walking by.

Jeongmin Park from Jaegi-dong, Seoul is afraid to pass this so-called “Health Food Center Alley” and finds the stench appalling.

But since dogs are not classified as livestock, there are no regulations on the dog slaughterhouses. Even with the unsanitary conditions, there is no punishment other than fines. There are more than 1000 businesses that sell dog meat within Seoul, but this slaughter of dogs is in a management blind spot. Watch the report:

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Calls for Action:
Call the South Korean Embassy and Consulate General Offices in your country:
Watch the trailer of documentary: “Man bites dog in South Korea” –


Tweetstorm is On Now! Promote our protest at the San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf-Sunday, Aug 16.
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