Memo Concluded that Water Will Enter West Texas Radioactive Waste Burial Ground (WCS-Waste Control Specialists)

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Analysis of available data shows that groundwater in the natural system already is unacceptably at or near the boundaries of the proposed disposal units. Predicted increases in rainfall are expected to drive the water tables into the proposed units.” (TCEQ, Interoffice Memorandum on WCS, 2007)
Rad Waste Barrels WCS Texas
evaporation pond?  WCS rad waste Texas
What is that? It looks wet.
TCEQ Waste Control Specialists Memo water entry
p. 2 TCEQ Waste Control Specialists Memo water entry For the record, Waste Control Specialists assures that it’s really ok. But, just by the fact that it does rain in west Texas, and the clay would be subject to periods of swelling from rain and then shrinkage from drought mean that it’s not ok. The clay and earth itself have moisture too. Thus, sooner or later the one foot concrete liner will crack; sooner or later there will be corrosion, leakage and probably explosion from gas build-up. Who knows what will happen with the synthetic liner and if it can really resist Prairie Dogs or…

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