Eye surgery today

tmp_6205-cats-gone-bad1511764974720Well I had my cataract surgery today and I tried to read your comments, that’s not working out, so I’m going to give everybody 🌟 and by the weekend I should be able to see 20/20 so I’ll  be able to chat with you   😎

27 comments on “Eye surgery today

  1. Nancy, wishing you a speedy recovery. My husband had cataract surgery and it went well – just hang in there. Patience, and before you know it, you will be back to your old comfort zone. Will you be having the other eye done as well?

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    • Thanks Carol, I tore my retina that caused scar tissue and had to be removed,I was informed that I was definitely going to get a cataract and if the other one needs to be done, I hope it’s years away…..this is not fun! 😎

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  3. I’m sorry you had to get cataract surgery but hope you are feeling better. I hope you have rested enough as all injuries and surgeries are hard on the body. I’m glad that God has given you the ability to continue caring for the helpless animals, who are so often forgotten by others. You reminded me that I cut my retina a long time ago. Maybe that’s one thing which is ailing my vision. Was your tear very bad?

    We’ve come to think of cataract surgery, like cancer, as normal but I don’t think it is. Like any surgery it also has risks. They also don’t clean your old lens but give you new synthetic ones. This is one thing which enrages me so about the nuclear industry – they say because you can get the surgery that this impact from radiation doesn’t matter and keep exposure high accordingly. The nuclear industry says the same on thyroid cancer. It is possible to tell what year you were born due to the amount of C-14 in your eyes which peaked in the mid-60s from weapons testing (they say but half-life of 5730 years it must only be getting worse with the nuclear reactors discharging it too though I read that much has gone into the ocean.) I used to know a blue-eyed formerly platinum blond farmer outside all of the time with just a hat and he didn’t get cataract surgery until his 90s I don’t think – could have been mid to late 80s. His sister lived past 100, caring for a disabled son, and I doubt she ever needed the surgery. Moller and Mousseau found birds and mice getting cataracts at Chernobyl – you know that’s not normal nor good. It’s all very sad really. Many of these you saw and gave a star. Some you may not have seen.


  4. Thank you, my eye is not perfect, but I am seeing a big difference when I read, images are so much cleaner, but riding in the car and walking around does make me dizzy. In 1978 my first tear was small, I just had white light flashing at the outer corner of my eye when I would look to the left and it did heal, but it was weaker, the second time I had the flashing again but that one caused several floaters and the scar tissue, in 2014 I started noticing in the center of my eye a spinning light and double vision, they laser my retina and then I had to have surgery to remove the scar tissue off of the back of my eye. I didn’t have the same vision problem other people have with cataracts, I just became very sensitive to light, I had the light on my computer screen very low so I could read, it wasn’t till the very end that it started becoming blurry.

    I live in Pennsylvania near “Three Mile Island” from day one they tried to keep us in the dark about everything and have downplay it causing any problems, and a lot of people are getting thyroid cancer and cataracts!!
    Thank you for all these links. I am very interested in the impact nuclear disasters has affected everyone’s lives!

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  5. I’m glad that you came out of all of that alright. I wonder if you were given a new lens then or they just repaired your own? Oh, that’s why you are know so much about this. That is a scary way to learn. Shortly more people are going to learn if something’s not done to stop it. Three Mile Island is one of those rare moments I recall still standing looking at TV like it was yesterday. In fact, I remember it better than yesterday. Are you Pennsylvania German, as is now considered more proper to call Pennsylvania Dutch (Deutsch)? The most kind and compassionate people I’ve met have been from Pennsylvania. I guess you add one more data point.

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    • Thanks, me too.I was given a new lens, it’s amazing what they can do and how it all works!
      Three Mile Island is a reminder of what could happen Anytime Anyplace!!

      No I’m not Pennsylvania German,actually Irish but my husband’s mother side was French and his father side German. It depends on the location normally Pennsylvania Dutch, but then when you get into the Lancaster Amish territory then you say Deutsch or they’ll think you’re a tourist! 😀

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      • Since you said you studied German I thought you might be. The Dutch comes from dialectical pronunciation of Deutsch. This is clear in Rhineland Switzerland where there is no standardization of dialect. They don’t speak German but Swiitzer-Tuutch (or something like that is the spelling…since it’s not standardized it’s a problem but easy to hear. Also, heute becomes huut… What do they wish to be called now I wonder? This isn’t the right forum though to be discussing as it shows up the sides of your blog.

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        • It’s amazing all the different dialects from one territory to the next, especially in the US… every time I figure out what the teenagers are talking about, they come up with a new word, but it’s all good it helps keep you young. 😀

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