Feel Good Sunday: This Year’s Best Animal Mothers

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Ameena Schelling as published on The Dodo

“Today we celebrate our mom’s and the unchallenged love that they have showered upon us over the years.  But the love of a mother is not a human exclusive trait as portrayed in the article, below.  Happy Mother’s Day to all you special individuals out there, whatever your species, be safe and always know that you are loved back many, many times over.” ~ R.T.

The cow who hid her baby from rescuers

Rescued from life as a dairy cow, Clarabelle had lost countless calves to the cruel hands of the dairy farmer. When she gave birth shortly after being rescued by a farm sanctuary, she hid her newborn calf so she couldn’t be taken away.

Edgar’s Mission

The octopus mom who protected her babies — for 4 years

Like any good mom, this octopus carefully guarded her eggs until they hatched…

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🌴 Happy Mother’s Day 🌴


                       Hi mom!

  I got your lounger all comfy for you

🌹 Happy Mother’s Day 🌹

tmp_5873-box-of-chocolates25-932566054 I’m  planting a rose bush for you mom and Norton is in charge of cleanup

🌷 Happy Mother’s Day 🌷


               Now dad has to paint the hall!

🌻 Happy Mother’s Day 🌻


  I sorted the mail for you mom!

🌸 Happy Mother’s Day 🌸

tmp_27517-dogs8-209315238              I made the bed for you mom!